Weekly Zoom: Basics of the New Website Design

Welcome to the completely redesigned Live Univera blog!

More than just a blog, UniveraTV.com and UniveraEvents.com now live here too; these two previously separate websites can now enjoy the same enhancements that the blog itself does!

Here are some of the highlights of what the new design does for you:

  • More attractive and modern, which means easier to navigate and downright shareable!
  • Looks and works as flawlessly on smartphones and tablets as it does on laptops and desktops!
  • Easy to share links with your Team and Connections using social media buttons – even with your Associate ID!
    • Here’s how: visit the blog using your Associate ID on the URL (http://blog.newunivera.com/YourIDHere), and bookmark that link; visiting from that link ensures that anything you share will carry your ID through to the main website and throughout your recipients’ shopping experience!
  • UniveraTV now features a “Watch Later” function and “Cinema Mode!” (You can still find a link to catch Live Broadcasts when available, too.)

Have a look around! In the top navigation (tap the menu icon if you’re on a smartphone or tablet), you’ll see these categories:

  • Live Young: This category will show the latest health & wellness posts; you’ll see healthy lifestyle tips, product information, and even yummy recipes!
  • Live Success: This category will show the latest news for Univera Associates; keep up to date with the latest bonus programs, product specials, and business tips.
  • Live Purpose: This category will show the most recent posts about servant leadership, giving back to our communities, and Univera Serve First.
  • UniveraTV: Just here for the videos? This is the place for you!
  • Univera Events: All the information for upcoming Univera Corporate events is now in one convenient place!
  • Univera.com: Use this to head back to our main website.

On the right side (or at the bottom on smartphones and tablets) you’ll see a list of other great groups of posts; recipes, healthcare testimonials, and success stories to name a few!

Head on over to our Facebook Page and shoot us a message to let us know what you think, or if you have any questions!