We Want to Hear From You!

Our 7-day challenge has had wonderful success in helping people commit to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. So, we are extending it by creating a 30-day challenge as well as a 1-year challenge!

For those who have personally experienced the power of Univera, we would like to hear how you would describe these challenges!

In 3-5 words, name these challenges for a chance to win a free 7-day challenge pack. The person with the best name wins! The contest begins November 17th and ends December 1st.

Submit your challenge name by e-mailing it to IAmUnivera@Univera.com.


Submit a Name!


Contest Conditions:

  • Submissions will be evaluated on originality, creativity, suitability, uniqueness, and trademark register ability.
  • Input on submissions may be solicited from various Associate committees and groups, but Univera Corporate will make any final decision(s) as to a winning submission.
  • The odds of winning will depend on the number and quality of submissions received.
  • In the event two or more people submit the same name that is deemed the winning submission, Univera will determine which submission was made first in time in order to determine the winner.
  • By entering this competition, you agree that Univera will have full right and title to the submitted name if selected, and that you understand you will receive no further compensation for your submission if it is used on a Univera product; however, Univera makes no guarantees that the winning submission will be used on Univera’s product in Univera’s sole discretion.
  • Univera reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time and to not declare a winner or to declare multiple winners if necessary in its sole discretion.