We Have a GR8! Program for You!

Build your Univera business by building your community! Univera understands that getting money into people’s pockets quickly is important, so we pay you to build a loyal Customer and Associate base and maintain it. When you maintain 800 BV or more from a minimum of 8 Customers/Associates, you will receive a $100 bonus on the following Wednesday.*

The best part is, you can earn the bonus EACH MONTH and EACH TIME you repeat the 800 BV from a minimum of 8 Customers/Associates. EVERY 8 earns you another $100!

More information for the GR8! Program is available on the Incentives Page at Univera.com. This includes a flyer, a PowerPoint Presentation, and a FAQ.

For additional questions, ask your Upteam Leader or email CustomerCare@Univera.com. You can also call our Customer Care team at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada

* For orders completed by end of day Sunday, bonuses will be paid to the sponsor the following Wednesday.

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