Updates to Solanyx

We have made some updates to the packaging of Solanyx®. Previously, individual doses were packaged in their own packets inside a recyclable box. In order to cut down on packaging waste, we are moving our packaging to the two small, recyclable bottles seen above.

The master formula and active ingredients are unchanged. There are a few small changes to the formula that we are going to share here so there are no surprises. The changes are as follows:

  • Aloe barbadensis has been removed.
    • Typically, Univera Customers take Aloe in a large dose in the form of Aloe Select or Aloe Gold instead of in smaller dosages. So an incremental amount of Aloe is not needed. Our main focus is on the key bioactive herbals supporting immune function. Adding too many ingredients to a formula, over time, can significantly increase the price of the product, which is something we do not want to do.
  • The Mushroom Extract Complex has been moved from Solanyx® Day to Solanyx® Night.
    • The Mushroom Extract Complex will have a larger impact on the immune system if it is consumed at night so it can get absorbed in the body while resting. There is more energy available for the body to concentrate on regeneration at night than during the day, allowing the body to make full use of the Mushroom Extract.
  • Percent Daily Value has been updated to reflect new FDA regulations. The input amount of each ingredient is the same.