Updates to the Account and/or Credit Card Authorization Form

We’ve recently updated our Account and/or Credit Card Authorization form. An Authorization form is necessary to protect your business if, via Customer Care or online, you:

  • Place orders on another person’s Univera account
  • Use another person’s credit card to place orders on any Univera account

Don’t wait until the end of the month to submit Account and/or Authorization forms. Updated forms can be found below:

The Account and/or Credit Card Authorization form can also be found in your dashboard under “Tools”, then under “Forms”.

This form only needs to be completed once unless there are changes to the authorization. Use of another individual’s account or credit card without completing the proper Authorization form will result in disciplinary action.

Please send all Authorization forms, as soon as possible, to the Compliance Department via email at Compliance@Univera.com or via mail to:

Univera, Inc., Compliance Department
3005 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121