Updated Policies & Procedures

We recently updated the Univera Policies and Procedures.

Below is a list of significant changes:

  1. Abusive or sexually harassing language or behavior directed toward any Univera employee, Associate, or Customer is specifically forbidden (Section 3.3.B.)
  2. The Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics is now incorporated into the Policies & Procedures by reference (Section 3.9.A.)
  3. Associates may not purchase products on others’ accounts or use others’ credit cards without written, signed authorization that is on file with Compliance (Section 3.9.B.iii.)
  4. Customers may be contacted by other Associates regarding a possible change in Sponsor after 12 months without a purchase (Section 13.8.A.)
    • Customer must still initiate a Sponsor change by themselves (Section 13.4)
    • No contact is allowed via social media or email after 18 months of inactivity to comply with federal do-not-contact laws (Section 10.3)
    • Intended to keep you actively checking on your Downteam members!
  5. Signed Associate Agreements of new enrollees must be received by Univera within 2 business days of enrollment if not electronically enrolled (Section 2.2)
  6. Nobody may pay an annual renewal fee on your behalf (Section 2.5)
  7. You must make it clear that you are an “Independent Univera Associate” in all communications to make clear you are not an employee of Univera (Sections 2.8, 10.2)
  8. Very limited mechanism added to change sponsors without a six-month waiting period (Section 13.5)
  9. Clarifications on possible results of non-compliant activities (Section 14.2)
  10. Arbitration with the Company may now occur in the state of one’s billing address (Section 15.2)
  11. Addition of definition of “Participant” to Glossary of Terms

Please take a moment to review the full document. Additionally, the full and current Policies and Procedures are always available in the Back Office under “Compliance” or at the bottom of any Univera webpage.

Please contact compliance@univera.com with any questions!