Univera Makes History with Free Shipping

We are thrilled to announce that starting February 1, 2019, we will be offering Free Shipping to the contiguous United States and Canada – making it that much easier to bring the Best of Nature to Humankind. Now you can enjoy the same great products, the same unmatched quality, and the best of nature without paying shipping and handling! This means that you can order any product at any time during the month with no additional charges other than applicable taxes.

Our single-minded focus on delivering only the finest quality product has led us to invest heavily in a unique new shipping structure. Over the past three years, inflation has risen 6.04%* and Univera has absorbed the costs and held the line on any price increases. In order to keep up with the rising costs of premium ingredients and to streamline our delivery system, product prices will be adjusted accordingly.

How will this affect you? Historically, on average, shipping and handling have been approximately 10% of your total purchase with Univera. However, with a sizable corporate investment, we are pleased to announce a nominal price adjustment on all products effective February 1, 2019.

Because of the efficiencies we are putting in place, this may actually reduce the overall cost of your orders going forward; depending on your location and the composition of your order.

Our innovative Free Shipping program offers FedEx Ground in the 48 contiguous United States for orders over $190 pretax, and FedEx SmartPost in the contiguous United States for orders under $190 pretax. Canada Post will be offered free of charge in Canada. Expedited shipping will also be available at an additional cost. Please note that FedEx Ground does not deliver to PO Boxes, therefore PO Box shipments will be delivered via USPS. Free shipping is not available to those in Hawaii, Alaska, or any U.S. territories.

We look to this historic announcement as just another way in which Univera is leading our industry by being the first major company to offer Free Shipping on any product, at any time. If you have specific questions, please call Customer Care in the US at 877-627-4787 and in CA at 800-363-1890.

*Represents a change in the All Urban Consumers Consumer Price Index 1982-84 = 100, from January 2016 to December 2018 according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a PO Box, will shipping still be free?
    • Yes! PO Boxes within the contiguous United States will receive free shipping via USPS.
  2. Will we be updating pricing on “Grandfathered” SKUs?
    • Yes, this price change will affect all SKUs
  3. Will expedited shipping be offered on the web?
    • Yes, for the United States, FedEx 2 Day and FedEx Priority Overnight will be available at an additional cost. No, for Canada, you will need to call Customer Care at 800-363-1890 to place an expedited order.
  4. I live in Alaska/Hawaii/US Territory, am I eligible for free shipping?
    • Unfortunately, no. Due to the high costs of shipping to these areas, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories will have a discounted shipping rate in lieu of free shipping.
  5. Will business volume (BV) be changing on any of the SKUs?
    • No, not at this time.
  6. Will commissions be affected by this price change?
    • No. Since BV is not changing, commissions will not be affected.
  7. Will bonus programs be affected by this price change?
    • The only bonus program that will be affected is 4&Free.
      • US Product Credit
        • 100 BV Pathway: Up to $193
        • 50 BV Pathway: Up to $81
      • Canada Product Credit
        • 100 BV Pathway: Up to $214
        • 50 BV Pathway: Up to $93
    • Will 4 & Free also have free shipping & handling?
      • Yes, you will not have to pay shipping & handling when receiving a 4 & Free product credit (if you qualify for free shipping).