Time to Prepare for LDW

An open letter to all LDW attendees!

We are so gratified you have the foresight and vision to get registered for the biggest event in Univera history. Not the biggest in the number of attendees or the size of the venue, but the biggest in the way of having a potential impact on your business!

We have historic announcements in store for you that will alter your Univera destiny forever, and help you accomplish each and every goal you set your heart to as you craft your own business plan for 2019. But, to be effective, we have some homework for you.

Nothing good comes from waiting (other than dried paint and watching grass grow) and the same is true for this year’s Leadership Development Workshop. Coming prepared for this event will generate exponential benefits for you, so we encourage you to take this seriously.

If you’re ready for the kind of growth you’ve only dreamed about to this point, here are a few “homework assignments” to prepare you to get the most out of LDW:

  1. Get started on your own personal Metabolic Shift Journey and become a product of the product by joining the Univera LDW Metabolic Shift Challenge. Start your Univera Metabolic Shift Challenge by enjoying FREE SHIPPING on a Metabolic Shift Core Pack or a Maintenance Pack. This money-saving deal is only available by calling Customer Care so act now! In addition to Free Shipping, any Metabolic Shift Pack purchase this month will DOUBLE donations from Serve First, which means you’ll provide life-saving nutrition to 8 children! Then:
    • Record your weight and other physical measurements before and after the Challenge so you can to track your progress. The Challenge will run from Dec. 12, 2018 – Jan. 12, 2019! *
    • By becoming “a product of the product,” you’ll create an authentic story to share with others as you kick off the New Year (as you show off the New You)!
    • At LDW, the person with the most authentic story about their Metabolic Shift journey will be recognized at the event and rewarded with a video interview of their story to be featured on social media in the coming months!*
  2. Keep Gifting! Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer on Xtra Concentrate Packets and Xtra MINIs and continue experimenting and perfecting your gifting skills. Record your results and be prepared to share your experiences (both good and bad) when you come to your LDW breakout sessions. You’ll find the greatest ideas you’ll get from LDW will come from others just like you, so the more you’ve gifted, the more you’ll get from the event!
  3. Take a free Color Code Personality evaluation at: www.colorcode.com. Bring your primary color results to LDW where you will be coached by a color code trainer to learn how to really connect with all personality types and build a high performance team as you leave the event!
  4. Get social! Join our Secret Facebook Groups and start learning about how these will play an important role in your success going forward. To join, find both groups on Facebook:
    • Health for Good: Serving Children First
    • Make a Difference: Servant Leadership

    Submit a request to join both groups to either Harris B Williams Jr, Shary Brams or Al Keranen. Once on the page, go to the “FILES” section and review the training materials there, including the videos. Then, come to LDW to learn how you can more effectively use these groups and become part of the upcoming Univera social sharing economy explosion.

We truly look forward to seeing you in San Diego for a full vision of what this all means as we create for you the most interactive and impactful LDW experience you’ve ever seen.

And, be sure to invite at least 4 others who aren’t signed up yet to attend and share this “homework assignment” with them as the most powerful way to grow from your LDW experience.

See you in San Diego,

Your Univera Events Team

* Be looking for more details to be released soon!