The Gig Economy and Univera

There are many reasons why joining Univera is the right choice for so many people; efficacious, science-backed products, flexible compensation plan, thriving community, and more! Some people join Univera with the intention to make it their full-time career, others are looking for some extra cash each month. With the gig economy becoming a critical part of our everyday lives, we want to share how the gig economy and Univera fit together.


Working as an Independent Univera Associate, you have an incredible amount of flexibility in many aspects of the work you do. You are able to choose the hours that work best for you, you can choose where to work, and you can choose with whom you work! Many Univera Associates enjoy this aspect of being an Independent Univera Associate the most.


You are your own boss! There is no one to look over your shoulder, no one to micromanage you, and no one you need to impress but yourself! Your success depends on you and your ability to rise to the occasion. Working the gig economy gives you the freedom to create your own success on your own terms. This doesn’t mean you are in business alone, you have a team of Associates, Corporate, and our Customer Care team to back you up.


Traditionally, we exchange a set amount of time for a set amount of pay. How does the gig economy change this? You get paid based on the results you produce, not the amount of time you’ve spent. How many times have you been frustrated for producing more work than a co-worker and not getting compensated accordingly? The gig economy has changed that. At Univera, the more results you produce, the more you get paid!


Gig economy work can be more meaningful than traditional jobs. Purpose in the gig economy takes shape in two major ways. One, when you go into business for yourself, you own your success completely. Two, you have the opportunity to support your community and witness firsthand how your work helps those around you. Working with Univera, you will be helping us support local and international charities that provide nutrition to those in need through our philanthropic arm, Univera Serve First®.

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Based on 2018 statistics, Associates reach “Associate” rank, on average, within one month of joining Univera and typically earn a monthly commission of $25 US/$28 CAN. A one-time investment of a Starter Pack ($106.63US/$130.18 CAN), annual renewal fee ($20 US/CAN) and a personal, monthly order of Univera products ($60-$80US/$70-$85CAN) are some of the costs of starting a Univera business. Please see the Univera Income Disclosure Statement at in the footer.