The DSA Code of Ethics Quiz

The Direct Selling Association is the national trade association for companies that operate in the direct selling industry. The DSA has established a Code of Ethics, which holds members accountable to the highest ethical business standards for the direct selling channel. As a member of the DSA, Univera abides by the code and we encourage Associates to as well. How knowledgeable are you about the DSA Code of Ethics? Take the quiz to find out!

The Code states that member companies shall provide their independent sales people with a written agreement informing them of their legal obligations. Univera provides this in the form of our Associate Agreement, which should be signed by new Associates and submitted within 2 business days of establishing an account. See Code Section A(1)(f)

It also states that Univera must provide periodic accounts including information such as sales, purchases, commissions, and bonuses. This is done in the form of the reports on your Dashboard at and in your monthly commission statement. See Code Section A(1)(g)

Under the Code, Univera and its Associates are required to make only verifiable, factual representation to prospective Associates. See Code Section A(1)(d)

More specifically, Univera and its Associates shall not misrepresent the actual or potential sales or earnings of its independent salespeople. Any earnings or representations shall be based on documented facts. See Code Section A(8)

Always refer to the Univera Compensation Plan and Income Disclosure Statement to help you accurately represent the Univera opportunity.

Any comparison to another company must be based on facts that can be objectively substantiated. Univera and its Associates also should not denigrate any other member company, business, product, or service – directly or by implication. See Code Section A(2)(b)

The Direct Selling Education Foundation collaborates with the Direct Selling Association to educate business owners and the public about direct selling ethics. Resources on the website include training videos, copies of the Code and examples of best practices.

Both the Associate and Univera will be held responsible. Univera cannot raise the independent contractor status of the Associate as a defense. Univera is equally responsible for resolving the customer complaint. See Code Section B(1)(c)

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to continue building your business with a strong ethical foundation. If you have any questions about the Code of Ethics, the Univera Policies and Procedures, or about how either of these applies to your business, we encourage you to contact the Compliance team at