The Beginning

The definition of beginning is the point in time or space at which something starts. In life, we’re always starting something new; a new day, a new job, a new city, a new house. We become new spouses, new parents, new grandparents, etc. We experience new beginnings all the time and our businesses do the same.

We find a new person to add to our contact list, we present to a new prospect, we follow up with that prospect, and that prospect has the new experience of meeting the team. That prospect becomes your new associate and a new beginning starts. This new partnership will encounter its own ups and downs just like anything in life and it all becomes part of the process one must follow to find success.

As we finish the month of May we’re getting ready for a new month and another new beginning in our business. Therefore, it is crucial we set the tone for the activities that will get us closer to our goal, that our mindset is ready to execute in the next 30 days, that we communicate with our support team what we want to accomplish and how we plan to do it.

Just like anything in life, we must have a quantifiable objective, a compass to give us direction even in those moments when we won’t be able to see past ourselves, we must have a goal. Let’s all remember that the new beginning applies to you and me and our loved ones, our neighbors and our Customers and Associates, it’s an opportunity granted to everyone so let’s make the best of it and have fun living your new beginning!

To your health,