Sustained Rank = Super Rewards

Starting immediately, you’ll earn EVEN MORE for achieving a new rank and maintaining it for 5 consecutive months! We’re making this retroactive to November 1st so you’ll receive credit for all your efforts.

Working with your Top Associate Leaders, we’ve developed a program that rewards you for developing your business with a solid foundation at each rank. Starting at Silver, you’ll receive a fantastic bonus for maintaining each rank for 5 months!


An Associate Support Guide with full details and examples is available at, and here are some key highlights:

For All Associates:

  • All New Associates who achieve a new qualifying Rank earn an extra bonus the third, fourth, and fifth months they maintain that Rank. For Existing Associates, see additional information provided below.
  • Bonuses are paid in a three month installment following the third month of Rank Achievement as long as the Associate maintains Rank each month:
    • Month 3 – paid during Month 4
    • Month 4 – paid during Month 5
    • Month 5 – paid during Month 6
  • If the Associate earns a higher Rank while in the qualifying period of a lower Rank, Associate will earn all applicable Bonuses at the same time.
  • A Grace Offer for your initial efforts is available to help you during Rank qualifying period in case “life happens” causing a gap in qualification.
  • The clock can start over any time at each level and Bonus may be earned when Associate qualifies with maintaining Rank for 5 consecutive months.
  • All bonuses will be paid in the 2nd weekly pay period in the following month after the bonus is earned.
  • A Dashboard Tracking Report is available.

For Existing Associates:

  • Rank achievement to qualify for Leader Rank Bonus program is based on Highest Paid Rank for July, August, and September 2016.
  • Average GV/OLL baseline for this program are based on GV and OLL for July, August, and September 2016.
  • Cumulative incremental growth over your individual baselines qualify you to receive each Leader Rank Bonus at each level.
  • All Associates enrolled before November 1 will be notified individually of their baseline and incremental growth requirements.

For full details, please review the Associate Support Guide at