Shift into the Season of Giving

Just in time for the holidays! Now you can fight back against those holiday pounds and get started early on those New Year’s resolutions. When you buy a Metabolic Shift Core Pack or Maintenance Pack between now and LDW, you’ll receive free shipping! You’ll not only be giving yourself the gift of better health, you’ll also be giving 8 children life-saving nutrition for a whole year! Talk about the season of giving!

To make your resolutions easier, we are offering free shipping on Metabolic Shift Core and Metabolic Shift Maintenance Packs! Start or re-engage the Metabolic Shift this year and get a jump start on your resolutions. You’ll also have the chance to report your results at Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) in January.

Here’s how it works: When you buy a Metabolic Shift Core Pack (SKU: 106310) or Maintenance Pack (SKU: 106330) between now and LDW, you’ll receive free shipping when you order through Customer Care at 877-627-4787.

But, what’s better than free shipping? Univera will double our Serve First donations from each order of a Metabolic Shift pack. That means purchasing a pack not only benefits you, but every order of a Metabolic Shift pack will provide life-saving nutrition for 8 children! This is true for all purchases of a Metabolic Shift pack. Whether you are an Associate or a Customer, whether you’re buying the Maintenance, Core, or Deluxe Pack, Univera will double our donation to provide life-saving vitamins for children across the globe.

Now it’s time for the nitty gritty. Promotion Rules:

  • The promotion will run from December 10th, 2018 to January 10th, 2019
  • Must be a paid registrant of LDW to receive free shipping
  • Available ONLY to order by calling Customer Care (not available online and non-CP-able)
    • Call Customer Care in the US at 877-627-4787 and in Canada at 800-363-1890