Share Your Favorite Products to Build Interest

Sampling is a powerful method for sharing favorite Univera products. Giving out individual serving products lets people try the product safely and is cost-effective for you. There are many products available for use with this method:

  • Aloe Select Packets
  • Aloe Select Mango Packets
  • Essentials MINIs
  • GoVera Sticks
  • Protein Quotient foods
  • RegeniCARE Lemon
  • RegeniCARE Raspberry
  • Ultra Protein Shake Packets and Snacks
  • Xtra MINIs
  • Xtra Packets

Make it simple for sample recipients to follow-up with you to order by including your contact information on these handy labels!


Fall Sampling Labels

Univera Leaf Sampling Labels

Independent Associate Badge Sampling Labels

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