Save Some Dough, Enjoy the Yum, Burn Some Fat and Nourish the Tum!

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate with friends! What if you could also trim your waistline and support your digestive health? We have the ideal combo of products just for that.

Until May 31, Purchase Aloe Select and PQ Diet Peach Mango Drink and SAVE $15!


  • Aloe Select is high in the most bioactive polysaccharides, special compounds found in the Aloe Vera plant that are scientifically attributed to powerful immune, digestion, nutrient absorption, and skin health benefits. With over THREE TIMES the amount of these bioactives than its leading competitor, Univera Aloe Select is your choice for a healthy gut!
  • PQ Diet Peach Mango Drink is not only tasty, it’s high in protein to help you turn stored fat into energy!

With Summer Celebrations on the way, we have yummy ideas to share these benefits with your friends, family, and neighbors. Check out these refreshing beverage recipes here on the Live Univera blog.

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