RegeniPET™ is Back!

What’s new about Joint Health for Pets?  It’s taking back its previous name, RegeniPET™! This change brings the product name back into alignment with our other joint health products – RegeniCARE and RegeniFREE.

Our original formula was already fantastic, and along with the name change, we’ve also enhanced the benefits. It now has a better source of B12 that improves its bio-availability. We have also replaced the molasses powder with honey powder, a healthier option.

To celebrate, we’d love to know about your pet health stories! Either send them to with a picture of your pet or post on social media with #IAmUnivera. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories.

Familiar?  If not, this is a valuable product for your pets, as it supports total pet health by:

  • Helping lubricate joints
  • Aiding in regenerating and renewing cartilage
  • It’s also veterinarian-tested and recommended

Head on over to to purchase RegeniPET today! You can also purchase through Customer Care at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada.

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