Real Energy Tips

In today’s world, we all need an extra surge of energy from time to time. Between busy schedules and tempting lifestyle shortcuts, our minds and bodies are not always at their best for success. What are some easy steps you can take to ensure a steady supply of “umph” and a little extra burst when needed?

Skipping Meals Affects Energy Levels

Eat Regularly

Eating the right foods is important, and so is eating the right foods regularly. Skipping meals or grabbing a high-sugar, empty-calorie snack can be disastrous for your energy levels, causing blood sugar levels to drop or to rise and then drop.

A brisk walk for more energy.


It may seem counter intuitive – you feel like you should conserve your energy instead of spending it on a walk around the block. However, that walk around the block actually does the reverse. According to a study by Dr. Robert Thayer at the University of California, a brisk 10-minute walk can result in an energy boost for a couple hours.

Plenty of sleep for more energy.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Though the exact mechanisms of how sleep works, how sleep rejuvenates the body and mind is still mysterious, one thing sleep specialists and scientists do know is that adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning.” More energy with quality sleep not only means you feel better, it means you have more energy to make healthy choices like moving and eating well.

Supplement In a Healthy Way

It’s easy to rely on the quick boost from coffee, energy drinks, and sodas. But is the surge of energy from sugar, caffeine, and empty calories worthy of the roller coaster crash?

In addition to the benefits of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D and Magnesium, herbal supplements can help your energy level. Univera has a product called GoVera filled with REAL energy components to sustain you throughout the day. Check out this video describing the benefits of each.