Optimize Your Sharing with the OptiDigest Product Information Flyer

“OptiDigest™ is a great solution for maximizing breakdown of long protein chains into smaller amino acid chains, therefore maximizing your food into energy and building blocks for a healthy body.” – Dr. Mike Kaufman, Diamond Associate, Health Professional Advisory Board

Sharing OptiDigest™ has never been easier than with our new Product Information Flyer.  It’s filled with product information including the quote above, a section about the Univera Difference, a listing of the Product Benefits, and the chart below showing the incredible power of OptiDigest™.

Product Information Flyers are easy to print and look over as you share our products with your new and existing Customers and Associates. You’ll also see them occasionally as monthly product inserts.

The OptiDigest™ Product Information Flyer is on the OptiDigest Product Page as well as on the Product Information Flyers page on your Dashboard.



Click the Thumbnail Below to Download the OptiDigest™ Product Information Flyer!

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