Top 6 Features of the NEW Product Catalog!

The English versions of our NEW Experience the Univera Difference Products Catalog are currently available digitally and will be available for print-on-demand in the coming weeks!

We kept the best of the old! You’ll recognize product images, benefits statements, SKUs and prices right alongside a refreshed, active look that emphasizes core benefits, active lifestyle, and Associate experiences.

Here are the top 6 new features to look for as you browse:

1. Clearer Categories

Product Categories

We identified that there was some confusion about similar products. To help clear this up, we’ve combined all like products into categories that help make the connections. When you see similar products together, it’s now easy to compare the benefits and key features to choose the best fit.

Plus we’ve created larger categories to guide new Associates and Customers about what “stage” they might use the product in.

  • Live Young & Be Well – for those starting a new health journey or maintaining an established health journey
  • Live Fit – for weight loss and management
  • Live Young with Abundance – step it up a notch to live an even fuller healthy life
  • Live Young & Thrive – one more level of self-care with heart health and products for him and her
  • Live Young & Be Confident – look and feel your best with personal care items

2. At-a-Glance ReferenceProduct Listing

I’m looking for a product that helps with mood – do I need to read through all of the benefits statements?

Just look for the icon of a person meditating! We’ve developed a series of icons celebrating key product benefits and placed them next to each product. This helps you identify appropriate products and shows anyone at-a-glance how many different benefits each product has. Check out page 6 of the catalog for a list of the icons and what they represent.

For instance, check out Xtra with icons for:

  • Contains Aloe
  • Energy & Mental Clarity
  • Stress, Mood, & Sleep
  • Bone and Joint
  • Metabolic Makeover

3. Cost Per Serving

The value of Univera products is so important to communicate! We’ve included the cost per serving for each product to overcome any cost or value objections you may encounter.

4. Key Benefit Call-out

What’s the difference between Xtra, Xperia, and Vitality?

Our new categories were designed to help connect products and educate new consumers on which of similar products is the best fit for them. We’ve added one more tool in your education kit with short call-outs by each product to differentiate from nearby offerings. For instance, on page 10 you’ll see Xtra, Vitality, and Xperia with the following callouts:

  • Xtra – sweetened with sucralose
  • Vitality – vegetarian capsule
  • Xperia – sweetened with stevia

5. Price Listings


New, streamlined price tables include SKU, Customer, and Preferred prices to help you serve a variety of potential Customers and Associates. As you introduce Univera products to new people, this format will help you share a clear picture of what it would cost as a Customer and a Preferred Customer (Customer on Convenience Plan).

Then, if they are interested in being an Associate, you get to be the hero by pulling out your price list and showing them just how much they can save. This also gives you an opportunity to point out the BV of each product and how that will help them earn money.

Another advantage is that your Customers don’t see up front how much you are earning on what they purchase, giving you control over how much you share.

6. Associate ExperiencesUser Experience

Our favorite brand new feature – your stories! Throughout the catalog you will find experiences from our 2016 Convention Award Recipients. We love their enthusiasm and thank them for sharing!

How to Use Your Digital Catalog

You can access the digital catalogs on your Dashboard, or any time at:!

Just click on the catalog image and “flip through” like you had a traditional version in your hands. Even better, you can click or tap a product to go straight to the page on and purchase!

How to Share Your Digital Catalog

Plus, your sharing power is amped up with the ability to share the catalog through social media! An icon at the bottom of the page allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, other social media, email – it even generates a link that you can share via text!

NOTE: When sharing your catalog, be sure to always share your Univera ID as well, so your connections have it to enter during checkout.

What’s Next for the Digital Catalog?

Watch the News for announcements about other versions! Spanish and French will be made available as soon as possible, and we will announce when they are ready to be printed-on-demand at the Univera Print & Promo Store.

For any questions, please email or call Customer Care at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada.