New Product Announcements from Convention 2018

WOW – Convention 2018 was an incredibly exciting event! We were thrilled to offer tons of Convention exclusives, and one of them was being the first to hear about our brand NEW products! We launched TWO new products at Convention, and introduced an exciting update to one of our existing formulas. Read about these new offerings below, and be sure to tell your friends and team about these new additions to Univera’s collection of the best nature has to offer.

Univera Ultra Protein™ Plant-Based Shake™

Updated formula delivers powerful benefits!

ultra protein shake

Our Vanilla and Chocolate Ultra Protein™ shakes have been reformulated to ensure three powerful advantages over the previous formulation:

  • Easier Digestion
  • Improved Taste
  • Smoother Texture

The formula has been optimized for sensitive stomachs, it is ideal for people who may have experienced difficulties digesting protein mixtures in the past. Plus, there are fewer calories per serving!


Advanced Micro-circulatory support for clearer vision!

bottle of optix
This remarkable product provides the latest supplementation to support general eye health. With Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, and more, you will not find a more complete supplement to deliver overall eye support.

  • Omega 3’s to support microcirculation
  • The powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin, is known as the “King of Carotenoids”
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin may help in dim light and where glare is a problem

And our most exciting new product unveil of Convention 2018 has to be…

L’initié® Vera Pure™

Refreshing skin care gel with Aloe vera!

bottle of vera pure
This vital concentration of Aloe Vera not only delivers a highly purified, extremely hydrating facial moisturizer, the stunning packaging design also signals a new look and name for our entire skin care line. Perfect for general use, Vera Pure™ is also the perfect addition to your skin care regimen as it can soften and tighten the skin with a concentrated, bio-active form of Aloe vera.
Created using our proprietary Qmatrix whole-cell processing, we preserve the enzymes that make this refreshing product perfect for:

  • Improving skin vitality and radiance
  • Reinforcing the skin’s supportive network for a firmer, healthier look
  • Avoiding colorings and fragrances so it is gentle enough for sensitive skin

Be sure to give these products a try as you make your journey to a healthier you.

Please note that as of now, only Vera Pure™ is available in Canada. We are waiting approval from Health Canada to release OptiX and our reformulated protein shakes.