May Univera Business School: Building Your Pathway to Freedom!

New to Univera? Wondering what your most important activities are to help you get started right? Want to learn from the “best of the best” how to build and grow a sustainable, successful business?

Then you will NOT want to miss:

Univera Business School:
Your Pathway to Freedom!

Held every second Saturday of each month, your next session will be:

Saturday, May 11, 2019
8 am PT / 11 am ET
Zoom ID #: 323-552-1681
Or access online here

This 1-hour training event will walk you through the critical topics you need to know.

Each month, the topics covered will continue to rotate to ensure all your questions about how to build a strong Univera business will be answered. Below you can find the line up of speakers and topics coming your way on this month’s Business School:

Univera Business School: May 11, 2019

Speaker Topic
Harris Williams My Univera Story & What Univera Means to Me
Dr. Ralph Bietz Beliefs & Mindset: At the Heart of Univera
Dr. Katrina McGillivray Life-Changing Products, Science, References
Angelyn Toth Going Deeper: How to Build the Lifestyle of Your Dreams
Jordan Monroe & Aimee Burton Gift, Team, Enroll: A Step-by-Step Plan of How to Do This Business and Follow Up
Jay Sorg How to Promote Your Business and Our Story
Glen Hubbard Your Call to Action: 4&Free, GR8!, Fast Start, & Customer Referral Program
Harris Williams Summary: How to Put It All Together

To watch the 2 hour event from April 13th, click here.
To watch the whole 2 hour event from March 9th, click here.

Each month, this vital Zoom broadcast will be conducted by some of Univera’s top leaders and will provide you with everything you need to know to hit the ground running. So mark your calendar now and join us as we help you kick off your personalized Pathway to Freedom.

We can’t wait to see you Saturday!