How to Maximize Your National Experience the Univera Difference Day Event

In a couple weeks, you have the opportunity to leverage the Univera community by hosting a home gathering to experience our LIVE broadcast at Featuring Associate leaders and President Ralph Bietz, it’s a prime chance to connect others with the Univera Difference!

Before you go any farther, Register Your Gathering now to win fun prizes for hosting an event!

Filling the Room

Now is the time to invite people to join you for this opportunity. Your guest list should be at least half prospective Customers or Associates – bonus points if you have an even larger ratio! Here are some ideas for finding and inviting:

  1. Make a list of at least 30 people from your cell phone contacts, Facebook friends, and Christmas card list. Think of people who are:

concerned about their health

entrepreneurial and self-motivated

conscious about how they feed and fuel their bodies

want to be in control of their own time

seeking to make a difference in the lives of others

  1. Use our Connect and Enroll flyer to build your confidence in how to approach people and make a solid connection.
  1. Invite your team members and encourage them to bring at least one guest each (that gets you your 50% ratio right away!)

Follow Through

Computers: Be prepared for enthusiastic questions, first orders, and enrollments by having a dedicated computer (or a few) to use without any delay.

Leadership: Have a plan to reach your Upline Leaders if you have any questions or concerns you need help with. Check in with them now to determine the best process. Remember they have a lot of people to help so plan ahead to allow them to help you most effectively.

Have a Game Plan: Work with your team in advance so those attending know how to enroll people, where to look for answers to questions, and what to do if they get a question they can’t answer. Consider who has great stories and ask them to be prepared to share.

Printed Resources: Be prepared with some printed resources for easy discussion and to leave your computers free for ordering and enrolling. Here are some we suggest:

Enjoying the Day

  • It probably goes without saying, but get plenty of rest the night before to be on your game. The more enthusiastic you can be, the more your excitement will catch on. If you need a little help, remember the relaxation and restoration benefits of S-4 Sleep Enabler and Anti-Stress.
  • Wondering how to prepare for the gathering itself? We’ve written a blog just for that! It’s filled with ideas for mocktails, tasty tidbits, samples, door prizes, and more. Click Here to start preparing for an event people will remember.
  • Share your passion, share your story – if you are authentic, people will respond. You are the Univera Difference, let it show!

Good Luck

We don’t think you need luck, because you have a plan, you have passion, and you have purpose. Go out there and make it an event to remember!