Managing Addresses Online

We have been working to improve how Associates can manage their address for commissions checks and for tax forms. You can update your default address and your commission payout addresses online!

Here’s how you edit your default and commission payout addresses:

  1. After signing in, under “My Account” in the top right corner, select “Manage Addresses”
  2. Enter your address information here. Then, select “Set as Default Address” if the address is used for shipping, commissions checks, and tax forms. OR select “Set as Commission Payout Address” if you have a different address specifically used for commissions checks and tax forms.
  3. Then, click “Save” to update this information.

This feature is important for two main reasons:

  • You can manage and update your information easily. This is especially important for those who have multiple addresses or move frequently since we want to send your commission checks and tax forms to the right address!
  • Commissions calculations and currency of the payment are dependent on your commission payout address. If the address is in the US you will be paid in USD, if the address is in Canada then you will be paid in CAD. Please note that in compliance with our Policies & Procedures, to change the country of your commission address, you will need to submit a new Associate Agreement.