Love Every Beat during National Heart Healthy Month

Help your heart beat strong! On Valentine’s Day, many of us think a little more with our hearts. This year, try to think a little more for your heart.

Your heart is a powerful pump that beats an average of 70 times per minute, delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to your cells. That’s 4200 times per hour, over 100,000 times per day!

With all the hard work it does for you, you owe it to your heart to help it keep beating strong. So, this Valentine’s Day, think a little more for your heart by considering these important keys of heart health.


Love Every Beat - Healthy Cholesterol Management

Effective Cholesterol Management

Not all cholesterol is bad. So what is cholesterol and what does it do for our body? Cholesterol is a type of fat that is a part of every cell of the human body and is produced in the body. It is required for the normal function of our cells, like building the structure of cell membranes, making hormones, producing bile acids, and helping the metabolism work efficiently through activities like helping the body produce Vitamin D.

Our favorite product for managing cholesterol levels already within the normal range is Florasterol®. This targeted formula delivers some of nature’s best ingredients, including Guggulipid® which has been shown in numerous clinical studies to support healthy cholesterol levels.* Guggulipid is derived from the mukul myrr tree which is used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine.


Love Every Beat - Healthy Blood Circulation

Healthy Blood Circulation

According to the American Heart Association, “Circulation is the pumping of blood from the heart throughout the body through a system of blood vessels composed of arteries and veins.” Healthy blood circulation means that your organs, muscles, and extremities – basically your whole body – are getting the oxygen they need. This helps promote cell growth, supports organ function, and keeps your skin healthy, allowing it to better fight off bacteria and infection. Overall, healthy circulation is key for your body to get oxygen to the places it needs to go so you can enjoy more energy and vitality.

Aside from the myriad other benefits, exercise is extremely beneficial in improving blood circulation. If you’re not sure where to start, this article explains some basic types of exercises and why they are important. Even a short, but focused, workout can be beneficial, like this 4-Minute Tabata Routine.


Love Every Beat - Healthy Blood Circulation

Adding certain foods to your diet can also help with circulation. Some generally agreed suggestions are whole grains, garlic, ginger, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, and spicy foods. Anti-oxidant rich foods are also wonderful for circulation. These include things like kale, prunes, Brussels sprouts, beets, and red bell peppers.

To support good blood circulation, consider Rhythmatix®. This unique and all-natural cardio complex contains UniBEX™, a proprietary and patented extract derived from bamboo leaf that supports cardiovascular health and healthy blood circulation. Rhythmatix also combines heart-healthy resveratrol, a key active ingredient found in red wine, EPA and DHA from omega-3 essential fatty acids and coenzyme Q10.*


Love Every Beat - Heart Health

You Have Control

Taking care of your heart is the result of overall healthy living that includes a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, stress management, and positive lifestyle choices. Adding a supplement can provide that extra bit of support to promote good health and help your heart stay strong.…‰

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