A Life-Changing Experience in Honduras

Univera Associates and Executives joined Vitamin Angels and Feed the Children the first week of May to serve children and families in Honduras. This annual life-changing experience this year included Diamond Associate Sara Spicer, Diamond Associate Catherine Raymer, Gold Associate Jim Keranen, Univera President Ralph Bietz, and Univera General Counsel Casey Harris.

The week-long trip included time to observe the work of Vitamin Angels and Feed the Children and travel around the country meeting with the citizens of Honduras. As described by Casey Harris,

“[We] had dinner at Casa de Niños, an orphanage for boys. 42 orphans and other boys whose mothers and families couldn’t take care of them full time. I sat next to a couple teens: Eddie, Mario, and Marco. My Spanish was limited at best, so I eventually had one of the staff translate for me at the end of the dinner. They were good boys and well behaved—I nearly cried when seeing them all sitting down for dinner and welcoming us. Then I almost cried again when a little one hugged me goodbye at the end. So guileless.

I was so impressed with the Feed the Children charity and the volunteers who came in to cook for the boys. They may feel they’re not making a huge difference, but they are to each of those boys. It made me want to go home and hug my own. That the orphans would share their meal with me was almost heartbreaking. Good, good kids.”

To see pictures from this week of service, check out the album on Univera’s Facebook page. And watch for more stories to come.


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