Learn from Health Professionals 24-7

A key component of the Univera Difference is the depth and integrity of the science behind our products. This is what makes the insight and testimony of our Healthcare Professional Advisory Board so valuable! And we have good news…

Now you can share the expertise of our Health Professionals Advisory Board any time!

Dr. Dean Simmons, DC Dr. Michael Kaufman, DC

When you call Customer Care, you now have the option to press “4” to hear great product information about Xtra, Aloe Select, Anti Stress, Level G, RegeniFREE, and Rhythmatix from Dr. Dean Simmons and Dr. Michael Kaufman! These messages are perfect for introducing these core products to Contacts and for product education for Customers and Associates alike.

To refer others to the messages, call 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada and choose #4 from the prompts. You can also listen to them right here!