Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) 2019 Recap

LDW 2019: Truly a TIME TO GROW!

How do you make San Diego in January even more enticing? By adding in groundbreaking leadership training, historic corporate announcements, and in depth planning workshops that will ignite your new year!

And LDW 2019 at the Sheraton Marina hotel did just that. Following the theme: Time To Grow, attendees were able to not just network with and learn from fellow Univera leaders, but also a chance to witness such momentous events as:

  • The announcement of Free Shipping (starting Feb. 1)
  • A new Unified approach to building a sustainable Univera business
  • Our renewed focus on Gift, Team, Enroll (GTE)
  • The launch of a simplified enrollment system
  • Unveiling a newly updated Xtra video
  • Studying the Color Code and how to identify personality types to build your business
  • Training on an updated Gift Card
  • Workshops on everything from Gifting techniques to effectively welcoming new Associates to your team
  • Time to create a customized Business Plan for 2019
  • The launch of new pack-specific Landing Pages to share
  • In depth training on the Secret Facebook Groups and how to use them
  • An inspiring closing evening of emotional testimonials

Other never-to-be-forgotten activities included:

  • A fun team-building tower exercise
  • A wall-sitting contest of endurance and strength
  • A night of dancing and networking to close the event

It’s a miracle we fit all this into just 2 days!

Attendees left with the challenge to implement their newly created Business Plan and fresh insights on how to do so. In his closing remarks, President Ralph Bietz quoted Emerson who reflected on the greatest tragedy of walking through a graveyard. It’s not the people who have died and left loved ones, but all the songs left unwritten, love left unexpressed, and dreams not realized.

He then applied this to our Univera Business and added, “And children’s lives unsaved, potential not met, and YOUR dreams unfulfilled.” With this, a new challenge was extended to everyone in Univera Nation to focus on a 20 / 20 / 20 activity goal going forward, which is:

  • Gift 20 bottles of Xtra minis. Be sure to drink with your new customers or potential Associates encouraging them to pay attention to the impact the product has almost immediately.
  • Invite 20 to join both of our Secret Facebook Groups.
  • Send 20 Gift Cards (either using the new Gift Card 2.0 landing page or handing out a physical card to be launched soon)

To help you relive the memories and momentum of LDW 2019, here are a few videos to review and share:

LDW Show Opener

President Ralph Bietz announces free shipping.

Aimee Burton on “How I went Gold” and the Importance of a Business Plan

Field Leader Rita Eissmann coaches on landing pages.

A special message from Garrett and Sylvia McGrath to Univera.

If you missed LDW or just looking to maintain the momentum from this historic event, get signed up for our 20th Anniversary Celebration and Convention 2019 by clicking here.