I've Got My Life Back. #IAmUnivera

“I am a solutions engineer in the telecom industry and I used to come home completely stressed out. I needed a drink just to cut the edge. Most days, right after work I would just crawl into bed in a dark room and be out for the night because I also dealt with a lot of headaches. That was my life for 18 years.

I remember starting the Xtra & Aloe on Sunday, and by Thursday I remember walking in the park thinking “I’ve got my life back”! My husband started to notice that I was going for a walk after work and was coming and going all the time.

Then I noticed I was running out of my Xtra & Aloe a lot sooner than I should. Well, my husband had started taking my Xtra & Aloe and didn’t mention a word. He noticed a huge difference in my life – he wanted that too! Now we take the whole Metabolic Makeover 2.0!

Thanks to Univera products — I’ve got my life back!”

– Aydee A

I’ve Got My Life Back! #IAmUnivera