Honey Sychtysz: A Fresh Start to Health!

Written by: Ann Neuffer, Blue Diamond & FAC Member

Congratulations to Honey, who won the $500 prize in Univera’s Metabolic Shift Challenge!

Honey stepped out of her comfort zone in more ways than one when she made the decision to participate in the Metabolic Shift Challenge on December 1st. “This contest was the jolt that I needed to kickstart me back into a healthy lifestyle. I had not been feeling good at all, I could not get off the couch and I was just wanting to nap daily. I would eat late at night, I was not sleeping much, and I was drinking coffee all day, and hardly drinking any water at all. I was actually eating a lot of junk food and not exercising much at all. Schedule constraints had kept me from getting to the gym as much as I wanted to, and I guess I just gave up on trying to fit exercise into my routine.”

Honey works as a speech and language pathology assistant and has a very busy work schedule working with kids. “At work I actually see new kids every 30 minutes throughout the day. I need to be sharp and alert, and by the end of the day I’m pretty spent.”

When Univera launched the Metabolic Shift Challenge, Honey decided it was now or never and developed her strategy to reverse the downward spiral she had been on. She re-launched the Metabolic Shift, having 2 shakes a day of the Univera Ultra Protein, cutting out bread, sugar and refined carbs, and eating “lean and green” protein and veggies.  The other important steps, according to Honey were to start drinking more water and getting more sleep. “I drink at least half my body weight in ounces of water every day. I was incredibly dehydrated, and that really contributes to feeling horrible. I also started getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and was amazed at how just doing those two things gave me so much more energy!”

Honey’s number 1 tip: Don’t run out of Level G! “My system craves sugar if I give it even a little bit, and I was wanting sugar constantly. Level G is incredibly effective at combating those cravings and gave me the will power to stick with the protocol.”

Honey dropped 20 pounds by the middle of January and has continued to successfully maintain her weight loss throughout the last few months despite the stressful and life altering events that have taken place. The biggest factor is mental, according to Honey. “I’ve really had to think ahead about where I wanted to be. I also wanted to show my Univera team how to be a leader. Being involved in a supportive community through UNation Facebook groups really supported the mental aspect of what she achieved. “The daily encouragement and inspiration from the community is so valuable.”

Congratulations, again, Honey! We are so excited for you and we are so inspired by your amazing transformation!

These statements reflect the actual experience of each Independent Univera Associate, are anecdotal only, and may not be typical. Typical weight loss is 2-3 pounds per week after the first 2 weeks.