Healthy Holiday Entertaining Ideas

If you’re like me, you want to nourish the people you celebrate with as well as please their palates. Believe it or not, it IS possible to serve an elegant selection of holiday treats without extra carbs, sugar, and fat. We went on a search for ideas that are easy to prepare, look fabulous, and are nourishing to the body as well as the soul.

To help with your party-planning, here are a few healthy favorites we found. Check out the ideas below and even more on our Pinterest to inspire your celebration.

Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt and Pistachios
Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt & Pistachios, Image by Joslyn Blair on


  • If you’re like us, bite-size stacks of food are the best. Recipes abound with endless combinations, but we like this selection of 3 Ingredient Appetizers – especially the Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt and Pistachios pictured above. With the beets full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, the protein and probiotics of Greek yogurt, and the power-packed pistachios, there’s not a lot of competition for a more nutritionally amazing bite.
  • These baked not fried Cocktail Meatballs are full of herb goodness without the carbs of bread-crumbs and other fillers. Keep the dips simple with ketchup or mustard, or try something fresh like Greek Tzatziki.
Univera Ultra Protein Wafer Delights
Univera Ultra Protein Wafer Fruit Delights


  • Anything on a toothpick is perfect for a party. But add high-protein satisfaction, low sugar, and a sweet vanilla or mocha taste and these Univera Ultra Protein™ Wafer Fruit Delights are a must for every celebration.
  • Did someone say Cinnamon Bun Popcorn? With air-popped popcorn, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, and stevia – this is a guilt-free indulgence. Try it with Ultra Protein Vanilla Daily Meal Replacement Shake.
  • For a rustic but elegant offering, create small toothpick skewers with interesting fruit, cheese, and herb combinations. Have fun with the possibilities:
    • blackberries, feta cheese, and mint
    • grapes, blue cheese, and dill
    • cranberries, brie, and a clove of roasted garlic
    • pear and gouda, sprinkled with thyme
    • dates stuffed with goat cheese and chives
Cranberry-Avocado Dip at
Avocado & Cranberry Dip, Image by Stacey at


Dips are always popular, but there is no need to resort to greasy chips. A veggie tray is easy to put together, with nearly endless possibilities.

  • Try this holiday variation of guacamole, with all the creamy goodness and healthy fats, plus the burst of tart cranberry – Avocado & Cranberry Dip.
  • For a Mediterranean feel with the holiday tradition of sweet potatoes, mix up a batch of this Sweet Potato Hummus.
  • If you’re looking for a creamy option, try this Roasted Garlic & Chive Dip with just a few basic, but rich ingredients.
MetaBerry Holiday Punch
MetaBerry Holiday Punch


  • Get the power-packed nutrition of fresh fruits and berries with superior antioxidant protection by mixing up an easy batch of Metaberry® Holiday Punch.
  • Serve up some digestive and immune support with Aloe Select® Cherry Lime Rickeys. With a little creativity, this simple drink has endless variations – use cranberries instead of cherry, or use Xtra® or MetaBerry® instead. Try Aloe Select® Mango for a tropical touch. Or, substitute lemon or orange juice for lime.
  • You can never go wrong with infused water for a sugar-free, yet flavor-rich beverage. Like this Cranberry Mint Water –  such a great combination already but easy to customize – use basil instead of mint, or add oranges to the mix, or even sliced cucumbers for an extra fresh taste. If you can imagine it, you can add it.
Grinch Kabobs, Image by Bree at Sugar and Grace


  • Grinch Kabobs are an easy treat that the kids can have fun making themselves. Grape, strawberry, and banana are full of fruity goodness, and if you don’t want the sugar of the mini marshmallow ball, substitute small squares of mozzarella cheese or air-popped popcorn.
  • Get creative with the labels! A simple sign can turn a healthy treat into a holiday joy:
    • Snowman Noses: carrot sticks
    • Reindeer Food: trail mix
    • Snowballs: cauliflower heads
    • Reindeer Noses: cranberries or cherry tomatoes
  • Finish off the kids’ selection with fun Reindeer Water Bottles. They’re not only easy to decorate, they’re easy to carry around.

For even more healthy holiday entertaining ideas, check the Univera Pinterest board.

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