Have a Healthy Halloween

October is an exciting month with the fall season in all its brilliance. Whether you have kids in the home or not, none of us can escape the festivities of Halloween that overflow each and every grocery store we walk into. Candy, baked goods, and the warm smell of cinnamon draw us in to the splendor of the holidays to come.

After consuming scrumptious holiday foods for three consecutive months, we find ourselves in the new year a few pounds heavier and making resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. Resolutions are great, but why wait until you’re unhappy with your body before making healthier choices?

So we want to help you by offering some ways you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest without sacrificing your health, starting with Halloween!



It’s not Halloween without candy! Candy is just one of those things that we can eat and eat and eat without ever feeling full. An effective way to enjoy candy without eating the whole bag is to incorporate it with savory foods, like nuts. This way you’re simultaneously filling up on healthier foods while still enjoying your favorite candy.


Fruits and Veggies Crafting!

All you need are sliced apples, peanut butter, and marshmallows to make fun “mouths”. How about bananas and chocolate chips for “ghosts”? The ways you can get creative with earth’s natural candies are endless! It’s a fun and delicious activity you can do with kids!



Baked goodies are welcomed all year round, but they show up more regularly during the fall and winter seasons. There’s just something magical about freshly baked sweets. Here are some creative ways you can substitute less healthy ingredients for healthier ones:

1 cup Apple Sauce = 1 cup Sugar

1 cup pureed Avocado = 1 cup Butter (brownies, chocolate cookies)

1 cup mashed Banana = 1 cup oil/butter (brownies, cookies)

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We are so excited for the holidays and cannot wait to see what our Univera family is up to! What are your holiday plans for October? Share your fall traditions and tips for healthy sweets with us!