I am Energetic. #IAmUnivera

I am Energetic. #IAmUnivera

“When I started working here, I would drink an energy drink in the morning – that was on the way to work. Then I would fill a 30 oz cup of coffee and I would drink at least one of those.”

This is how Kyle’s story begins. He’s a Univera employee, the Customer Care Representative who manages the Univera Seattle Retail Store, but his story is one we hear often from our Associates and Customers.

On Kyle’s second day of training in November 2014, an Associate handed him an Xtra® RTD MINI and a Univera Essentials® MINI. While that was a jump start to many healthy changes, Kyle’s story begins even earlier.

During our talk, I asked if he had any pictures he would like to share and he excitedly pulled out his first driver’s license, a high school senior picture, and a driver’s license from 4 years ago. He was glad to share these pictures to really emphasize where he started.

Kyle Old Pictures

A major turning point came 14 years later, about 6 months before working at Univera. Kyle said goodbye to his 10-year smoking habit. He had tried a couple time but hadn’t been able to maintain. So, in 2014, he and his wife started making little changes like small improvements to their diet. Finally, they realized that to be healthier, they had to quit smoking. So they made a pact and did it together. (By the way, Good for You both!)  As Kyle describes his current path to better health, “That’s what pretty much started it.”

After his experience with the Essentials and Xtra MINIs, Kyle had more Associates share their positive Univera products experiences. After a few months, he replaced his morning energy drink with GoVera®. He tried it because of the encouragement of Associates who shared their concerns about caffeine and explained what they learned by reading books by Stephen Cherniske, Univera’s Chief Scientific Officer. But he was also still drinking coffee. “It was really hard to give up coffee.”

He continues, “Then I started taking the Metabolic Makeover and I stopped drinking coffee altogether, and it’s been six months now.”

His improved health and the support he’s received led Kyle to make other healthy changes, “It’s because of this amazing wellness company, and I’ve got a lot of Associates that hold me accountable also.”  It has expanded to his family as well with a healthier, organic diet and a more active lifestyle.

Around the time he started the Metabolic Makeover, he also headed to the gym Univera provides for employees.  “I was working here from November until May, staring up at the gym, not using it.” But now, “I’ve been working out every weekday since then.”

His exercise approach is informal and focuses on the importance of just being active. “I try to mix it up as much as I can…Honestly it’s whatever I feel like doing.” He works out for almost an hour each morning; as he explains “I don’t have a specific program. Getting there and doing it is the hard part. I figure as long as I get up there and use the equipment, I can’t do any wrong.”

Even though he doesn’t have a formal program, his approach is working for him, “I started out at about 2 miles in 18 minutes and now I’m up to almost 4. I’ve run four miles twice, and the second time was yesterday. I pushed myself really hard just to get there…I’m hoping to get to where I can be consistent with 4 and who knows where I can go from there, it’s pretty crazy!”

He’s added to his Metabolic Makeover routine with km® and MetaGreens®. In the morning, he mixes 1 Tbsp of MetaGreens, 1 Tbsp of km, 2 oz of Aloe Select® (whichever flavor he has), and 1 oz of Xperia®.  “I’m good to go. I just drink that in the morning, then I drink water all day.”

Associates have noticed the changes, such as weight loss. And one Associate, Marlina Velasco, documents his progress on Fridays in a campaign she calls “Flex Friday”, which she then posts on social media.  These before and after pictures from April 2015 to October 2015 really tell the story.

From Energy Drink to Natural Energy

Kyle continues to share his experience, “Definitely more energy, and it’s real energy, not like what you get from caffeine – where you feel like you have energy but you crash.” Plus, I wake up before my alarm. And, I’m refreshed and ready to go. It’s crazy – I like it!

“And I’m probably more happy. I mean I’m normally a happy person, but I think it’s made me happier.”  And regarding stress, he says he’s under the usual amount of stress but, “I deal with it better.”

Because of the enthusiasm of the Associates he works with each day, Kyle has started reading The Metabolic Plan by Stephen Cherniske, and has decided to try Univera Prime® next because of what he’s learned about the importance of DHEA.

Kyle was on a path to better health when he stopped smoking, and he probably would have continued. But he credits his Univera experience with his rapid progress.  “I started before I got here, but it wouldn’t have been to the extent that it is right now if it weren’t for working at this awesome company, and having my awesome coworkers, and all the Associates that come in.”

Kyle claims he doesn’t have any major health plans going forward. But, you might disagree when you hear what he does want. “I just want to keep doing what I’m doing…be as healthy as I can.”

We think those are pretty big and worthy plans.

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