Enhanced Flavor & Texture on GoVera Canisters in the US

Some time ago, we introduced a new enhanced taste & texture to GoVera Sticks in the US and GoVera Canisters in Canada. Now we’re proud to announce that GoVera Canisters in the US are also changed over – so, ALL GoVera products now enjoy this smoother and even more refreshing formula!

If you are a regular purchaser of the GoVera Canister in the US, you may notice a few other changes to the packaging and powder. First, the canister is a slightly different shape and the scoop is slightly smaller. This is because one of the raw materials in GoVera is a more potent material so less weight had to be added to achieve the same active quantity as before. The amount of active ingredients is the same and a rounded scoop will provide the 4.5 grams serving. There are still 30 servings per canister.


We encourage you to shake up some GoVera! Need some ideas? Check out this recent Live Univera blog post with fun and easy recipes for Energy Boosting Mocktails!

To buy your GoVera today, head over to Univera.com – US (stick packs), US (canister), Canada (canister)