Eat Your Veggies


If your health is important to you, then you know that consuming vegetables is one of the most effective ways to nourish your body and even to lose those unwanted extra pounds. But how many of us can say that we eat our 3-5 servings of vegetables every single day of the week? Vegetables are super healthy, but unfortunately, they’re not always satisfying on their own.

We really should be taking our vegetable consumption more seriously though! According to a research study shared by CBS news, eating 10 portions of fruits and vegetables every day could decrease your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, and even premature death. Additionally, eating your veggies is known to decrease bloating, reduce signs of aging, reduce stress, and protect your bones.

So what is stopping you from throwing back those veggies!? Here are some simple tips to make your vegetables more appetizing and to help you start incorporating more of them into your diet.

TIP #1: Veggie prep!

Take 15-20 minutes once a week to cut up vegetables for easy access. This makes your meal prep so much easier when your ingredients are already prepared. This way you can add veggies to your morning eggs, to a salad, or sautéed in a pasta. An even quicker option is to buy pre-cut and pre-washed veggies.

TIP #2: Baked Veggies!

An easy way to make delicious veggies is to bake them. Just throw some of your pre-cute veggies into a large bowl with your favorite seasonings and a light amount of olive oil, mix together, then put on a baking sheet. It’s a great way to cook a lot of veggies at once to use throughout the week. Plus, baked veggies add a nice caramelized flavor without losing their crunchiness.

TIP #3: Powdered greens!

This can be a supplement to a fruit smoothie or even to drink on its own. This is a great way to get more vegetables into your diet and to add different things that you wouldn’t normally eat, like spirulina. Spirulina is a cyanobacteria that is highly nutritious. Univera’s MetaGreens® contain spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, broccoli, asparagus, and many more nutritious ingredients to create a power-packed supplement.


We hope this inspires you to have more vegetables in your life! Do you have any tips for adding vegetables into your diet? We would love to hear from YOU! Feel free to share your vegetable ideas and recipes in the comments below!