DSA Code of Ethics: Committing to Integrity

Univera’s support of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) Code of Ethics makes a bold statement about our commitment to practicing the highest ethics. As a DSA member company, Univera is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service.

Abiding by and discussing the Code of Ethics can be a great strategy for strengthening your recruiting efforts and emphasizing integrity in your team.

  • Leads who are hesitant to enter the relationship marketing arena can be assured that they are partnering with a company and an Associate that takes best business practices and ethics seriously.
  • Knowing that Univera is a member of the Direct Selling Association instills confidence that they can be comfortable with, and can take pride in being a part of the Univera vision.
  • Adhering to the Code can guide your team in building a strong ethical foundation.
  • Honoring the Code reinforces Univera’s hard-earned reputation as a company of integrity – which ultimately benefits everyone.

Don’t worry if you’re not that familiar with the Code of Ethics! There are tools you can use both for your personal understanding and in training situations.  Check out the Direct Sellers Association (DSA) for a link to the full Code of Ethics and a summary handout.

The Code of Ethics is a valuable tool for Univera, its Associates, and the industry as a whole.  We hope you take some time to explore its message and implement it in your business.

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