Customer Care Tips: What to Know Before Calling

Univera Customer Care is always happy to assist you however you may need. However, it can be difficult to assist you when we don’t have the information necessary to verify and access your account!

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Therefore, we ask that you please have the following information ready when calling Care:

  1. The account number in question
  2. The correct address for that account
  3. The email address associated with that account (this is vital because this is where we send info when an order ships, or if there is an issue with your CP!)
  4. The complete shipping address
  5. The complete credit card info — whether you are placing an order or changing a CP, you will be asked:
    • The type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
    • The last four digits of that card
    • The name as it appears on the card
    • The expiration date and CVV number
    • The billing address associated with that card

(Note: If you are sending an order somewhere other than the address of the credit card holder, then they will need to be on the line to verify that this is okay)

This may seem like a lot of information, but without this information, you may need to make more than one call back to us — and we would prefer to serve you as efficiently as possible!

Customer Care can be reached by phone at 877-627-4787 (US) or 800-363-1890 (CA). You can also email Care at!