Customer Care Tip: Specials on CP


Great news!

You can now save on shipping charges by adding specials to your Convenience Plan!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can add monthly or multiple-month specials to your Convenience Plan
    • This excludes weekly, single-day, and end-of-month specials

  • Monthly Specials will be released a fews days early to accommodate addition to 1st-of-Month CPs

  • Your order will process just like any other CP transaction, and your product will be delivered along with the rest of your CP order

  • For Business Associates, Business Volume (BV) will be applied to the month the order processes.
    • This means if you add a December special to your CP on November 29th, it will count toward your December BV.

  • For multiple-month specials, your CP order will renew as usual. If you do not want to order the special more than once, be sure to remove it from your CP after your first delivery!

Customer Care can be reached at or by phone in the US at 877-627-4787 or in Canada at 800-363-1890. Remember, we are always available online at for enrollment and to place orders. Be sure to have your log-in information handy. Orders may also be faxed to 877-627-4747 in the US and 800-363-8890 in Canada.