Building a Business in the Digital Age

The irony of social media is that sometimes it isn’t very social. Text messaging and words-only posts can leave people uncertain as to what you really mean and, more importantly, who you really are and what you’re really like. Our communication is more than the words coming out of our mouths. It’s our voice with all its variety of tones and emotions combined with your facial expressions and body language. When someone can’t see our face or hear our voice, they are hesitant in making a connection with us. Therefore, using social media platforms can be a very effective way of building a business or on the other hand, can harm it.

Social media is just another means of interacting with people. The same way you would naturally engage with others in person holds true in engaging with them on social media. Never use social media to make a sales pitch. If you were meeting with others in-person to engage and interact, you’d listen to the conversation before joining in. With social media, it’s the same, except you’re reading instead of listening.

Let me share some ideas that could help you when using social media as a business tool:

  • The goal when using social media is to make people like you, let people love you, let people know you and let people trust you. So use Facebook and Instagram to show your authentic self, pick 5 things you love, 5 things that define who you are, and talk about it on social media. Talk about your family, your pets, your travels, important events in your life, funny moments with your loved ones. That will earn you the trust of your friends and you’ll establish relationships.
  • Social media is a great way to create influence. It’s like social currency: the more liked and loved you are on social media; the more influence you have. That influence earns you the attention of others and also empowers you to attract different audiences.
  • Social media is all about content. Make sure that your LIVE broadcasts add value to your followers and friends. Create a lifestyle and show how much you love what you do but be careful, you want to come across as someone who has something great to offer without mentioning details, always create expectation!
  • Use social media to connect with your team. Some of your team members may live thousands of miles away and in these times where “social distancing” is a must, social media can help you have no distance between them and you.
  • Be real. Your pictures, postings, and stories must be a true reflection of who you are and not about a life you don’t live.

Have a strong and amazing month-end and remember: If it’s not YOU, then who? if it’s not NOW, then when? and if it’s not UNIVERA, then what?

To your health!