Become The Legacy: More than a Convention Theme!


For years, we have told the inspiring story of Yunho Lee’s mission to bring the best of nature to humankind. But stop and think for a moment; where did this vision come from? His personal experience with Aloe vera. How did his dream expand? By not being satisfied with “good enough.” How many lives have been changed in the process? Countless!

One thing this story teaches us is once you achieve a goal, your vision expands. As we honor Yunho Lee’s vision at Convention 2019, we will not only celebrate the past 20 years of growth and innovation, but also commit to further honor his legacy by becoming what he envisioned: a powerful force for good throughout the world.

We do this as we expand as individuals through a deeper appreciation of how our products change lives, by sharing the freedom offered by our opportunity, and spreading a message of caring and compassion through Serve First. Convention 2019 will be the place for your vision to expand in all these areas.

Help us celebrate Yunho Lee’s vision by learning how to “Become The Legacy.” To become the legacy means you share the legacy by inviting others to come and participate in this dream.

The first step is to register for Convention below. The next step, bring at least 4 others with you. After all, a legacy left unshared is no legacy at all.

Convention Registration

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