Baja Cruise Program

Spend October 18th through the 21st sailing from Long Beach, CA down the Baja Coast!


Are you ready to set sail? We are!

Here’s everything our cruise participants and their guests need to know to help them get ready for an exciting time at sea with fellow Univera Leaders and corporate staff:

Prior to October 18th – During the week of Oct 8th, you will be sent a registration link from our events staff directing you to Carnival Cruise Lines. Be sure to follow this link and provide all information requested completely.

October 18th – Make sure your airfare tickets are purchased and scheduled so that you arrive at Carnival’s “Long Beach Cruise Terminal” between noon and 4 pm on October 18th. If you’ve registered online, your check-in will be a breeze. If not, you may have to wait in lines before going aboard. After 5 pm, all check in will be completed and the ship leaves the terminal by 6 pm.

While at sea that evening, a muster drill will take place along with your first dining experience … so be sure to come hungry.

October 19th – At sea. Be prepared to enjoy all the shipboard fun and games as we head to the Baja Peninsula. This includes dining, dancing, water slides, and activities for kids of all ages.

October 20th – Arrive at Ensenada. Stay aboard the ship to relax by the pool or leave the boat for a walking tour of the city. You could also enjoy one of the exciting land excursions (available at an additional cost), which includes:

  • Wine Country ATV Adventure
  • A Taste of Mexico dining experience
  • Baja Bandidos Horseback Trail
  • Surfing lessons
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Baja Off Road Buggy Adventure
  • Bufadora Kayak Tour
  • and much more!

You can sign up for excursions when we arrive on the ship!
October 21st – Arrive back at the Long Beach, CA terminal after sailing all night. Disembark by 10 am and leave with great memories (and perhaps the need to recommit to your Metabolic Shift Plan to lose any extra weight picked up on the cruise).


Frequently Asked Questions:

I need to make my flight arrangements for the cruise. When do I need to show up to get on the ship?
Cabin and booking information will be sent over by our event staff. Once we have provided a booking #, please go online to the cruise line’s check-in via the link that will be provided. The latest one can check-in is 24hrs before the ship disembarks.

If you do not check-in online, Carnival provides general check-in between 2pm and 5pm on Oct. 18th. Please note that checking-in at the port takes longer when one does not check-in online.

Arrive at the gates no later than 5:00 pm, whether or not you have checked in online. The gates will close after this time and late arrivals will be left behind.

What time does the ship unload passengers when the cruise is over?
The ship docks at 7am on Sunday, October 21st, and it takes about 2-3 hours to clear customs. Latest off the ship is 10 am.
Where do I board the ship?
Long Beach Cruise Terminal at the Queen Mary. Find more information on the Carnival site, here.
Can I bring someone else other than a spouse or significant other?
Yes. However, please note that the cabins have only 1 bed. If the person is not a spouse or S.O., please be sure that you are comfortable sharing a bed.
Are there any other expenses I need to know about?
Yes, there is a gratuity of $38.87 that associates will be responsible for after they board the ship.
Do I need a passport?
Yes. Do not forget to bring yours! For more information about travel documents, see the Carnival site, here.
Will we have the ability to schedule individual time with the Diamonds & Blue Diamonds & Corporate Leaders?
Yes. While at sea, time will be available. Please submit your requests by close of business on Oct. 1st.