Angela Shaughnessy: $1000 Shift Challenge Winner, A Million Dollar Change!

Written by: Ann Neuffer, Blue Diamond & FAC Member

Congratulations to Angela Shaughnessy, the grand prize winner of the Univera Metabolic Shift Challenge!

Angela is from the Minneapolis Minnesota area and made a decision to shift her health and her metabolism to the next level when Univera announced the challenge in November.

“My journey really began in June of 2017. I was desperate to get healthy, I felt so awful and uncomfortable. I was completely in a hole, and going down further. I have 2 sons Drake, 13, and Rourke, 15, and I was not a fun mom. The family would go to the amusement park, or to the water park, and I just felt scared to go on the rides or the slides. My core was weak, and my back would go out. I was uncomfortable in the seats on the rides, and I was uncomfortable in a bathing suit and getting in the water. There were many things that I just could not do. I was absolutely miserable.”

The wake-up call came for Angela; she was scheduled to have surgery, and the doctors, in her words “pounced on her” and wanted to prescribe medical intervention for her out-of-control biomarkers. “I can look at my life at that point and say I know exactly where I’d gone wrong.”

She decided it was time to end the madness and get out of this hole and get healthy. She fully committed to the Metabolic Shift and started using the Univera Ultra Protein regularly, eating a healthy, “lean and green” diet and continued diligently with the Univera Metabolic Makeover products: Xtra, Aloe Select, Level G, Rhythmatix and Regenifree.

For the first time ever, she was able to release weight and actually maintain it. The Shift Challenge triggered her to re-launch her Metabolic Shift in November 2019, and get even healthier. “I had at times become a little lazy, I didn’t keep trying. The contest and the community inspired me to take my health journey further.”

“Ultra Protein has become one of my very favorite products. I was never a shake person, I never liked the flavor or texture. But Univera’s shake is so delicious and I feel so good when I use it. Level G is also a key component for me. I absolutely was a sugar hound, a complete sugar and carb addict. In my old life I hardly ate any protein, my diet just consisted of lots of carbs, sugars, and unhealthy foods. Those 2 products really made a difference for me. Now I eat lots of salads with chicken and turkey. I also like ground bison and we eat a lot of eggs. We all use the protein shake now, and the entire family has become a lot more focused on making healthy choices and working out. We actually agreed as a family to take all the sugary foods and deserts out of the house for the entire month of December, and they all said they didn’t really miss it. My husband Scott has started working out regularly again and is no longer drinking coffee, and our whole family is eating much healthier.”

Angela says another key component to her success was the community and support she got from her Univera family. Her sponsor and sister, Laurie Andries in particular. “ Laurie kept pointing to the benefits of the Univera products. Anne Moreau was also very helpful, she contributed so much to my learning.” 

In total, Angela has released nearly 90 pounds and is making progress in her next goal of learning to like other exercises, not just walking. “ I never did too much exercise, I just tried to walk on a daily basis. In the past, if I tried exercising, I would just wind up injured and feel even worse.” Now she wants to start doing more, going to the gym, using workouts she finds on YouTube, and hopping on the stationary bike or elliptical. 

Angela says the 3 keys for anyone to have success are:

  1. Move your body – My best results came when I moved more!
  2. Be accountable to yourself. Committing that I would never go back was key.
  3. Stay true to what we are taught. Staying true to the Metabolic Shift system made it achievable. 

Congratulations, again, Angela! We are so excited for you and we are so inspired by your amazing transformation!

These statements reflect the actual experience of each Independent Univera Associate, are anecdotal only, and may not be typical. Typical weight loss is 2-3 pounds per week after the first 2 weeks.