7 Days to a Healthier You

Have you taken the 7-Day __ Challenge*? So many people are excited about this NEW program to balance your glucose levels, boost your metabolism, and improve muscle growth. All this with results you can see, feel, and measure!

We challenge you to make the decision today and start on the path to a Fitter, Healthier you!


Visit the 7-Day ?? Challenge Page at Univera.com to learn all about this revolutionary program. Click Here for the Canada page. You can also watch a Zoom call dedicated to the challenge on the Live Univera Blog.


Purchase your 7-Day ?? Challenge Pack (US, Canada) and stock up on healthy foods from the recommended list. (Scroll down on the 7-Day Challenge page to find the Recommended Foods.)


Take your before picture and measurements, then take the challenge and watch the changes unfold!


Enjoy the results and document them with your after picture and measurements. We’d love to hear about your success at IAmUnivera@Univera.com.


Share your results and help others experience similar benefits!


That’s it – 5 Steps, 7 Days, SO Many Reasons.

You can do this — and we can’t wait to hear your results!


*By the way, we’re looking for a name for the 7 Day __ Challenge! If you have any ideas, please submit them to IAmUnivera@Univera.com.

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