5 Ways to Stay Active this Winter

The most important part of winter is being able to stay active without freezing up. Below we have some modestly priced activities that will give you the opportunity to get your body moving this season despite the cold.

Bring out your inner figure skater and visit the ice skating rink this season. This is a great way to get involved with winter festivities while getting your body moving. The best part is that anyone can join! It’s a great way to get some activity on your calendar since going for a walk just won’t cut it during those freezing cold days!

If ice skating just isn’t moving your body enough, then you may need to kick it into high gear and join an indoor sport! There are a multitude of different indoor activities like Soccer, Rock Climbing, Basketball, Badminton, etc. So there is plenty to choose from! That way you don’t have to be limited to one sport in particular.

Not an indoor person? And ice skating doesn’t give you the physical challenge you want? Well most people consider snowshoeing as “winter hiking” because it is a great cardio workout while you are still able to be one with nature. It is also cheaper than skiing or snowboarding allowing for a more inexpensive way to get involved in the outdoors.

For the people who like to take a walk on the adventurous side, skiing and snowboarding are definitely for you. If you purchase your own equipment, you can go up to the mountains anytime with a seasons pass. Both skiing and snowboarding provide a full body workout, allowing for a muscle and cardio workout.

If all these sound great but you don’t have the time, then sledding is a great flexible option. All you have to do is buy a sled and find a hill. Walking up the hill constantly makes for a good cardio workout. While you can sled at just about any time you please as long as there is snow.

Just because it’s getting cold outside, doesn’t mean you have to limit your activity. So get out there, and get your body moving!