5 Summer Activities to Keep You Active

At Univera, we’re big fans of the great outdoors. Our headquarters is located in the Pacific Northwest, one of the greatest places in the country to explore outside. Almost nothing beats spending time in nature by yourself or with loved ones. We are going to share with you our top 5 favorite summer activities that are both fun and help keep you in shape!

Take a hike! No, really! Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Embrace the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. The great thing about hiking is that there are so many options when it comes to your scenery and difficulty level. You get to choose whether your hike is just a few miles long or 30 miles long. No one said a hike has to be up the side of Mt. Everest!
Hiking is an incredibly powerful cardio workout that benefits that support your body, mind, and heart. Hiking helps:

  • Boost bone density (weight-bearing exercises support bone health)
  • Build strength in leg muscles and core
  • Boost mood
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels


Biking is a great low-impact exercise for those who have difficulty with activities that are more high-impact. One of the great things we love about biking is that you can do it almost anytime! You can bike to work, bike to the gym, bike around a park or lake, and it is only as intense of an activity as you want to make it!
Cycling has amazing benefits for your body, mind, and heart just like hiking. Cycling can:

  • Build strength in leg muscles and core
  • Increase stamina
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen bones
  • Boost mood and reduce stress
  • Improve cardiovascular health


Some summer activities require expensive gear that not everyone can afford or a great deal of time commitment, such as hiking. The best thing about walking is that it doesn’t have to require either! Getting outdoors for a brisk walk is simple and doesn’t need to be time consuming at all. While we enjoy taking walks in the park because of the gorgeous trees and gardens, your walk doesn’t have to be in a park. Take a walk around your neighborhood, on the beach, and, while not outside, you can walk on a treadmill at the gym (it still gets that heart pumping!). The health benefits of walking are numerous but include:

  • Maintaining weight
  • Strengthening bones and muscles
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Improving mood and quell anxiety
  • Improving heart health


Kayaking is generally a low-impact activity for those who enjoy getting out on the water. Kayaking is great because you can kayak on a lake, river, sea, pond, and even the ocean! Kayaks can easily be strapped to a car and all that remains is to find the perfect body of water. The great benefits of kayaking are:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased arm, back, shoulder, and core strength from paddling
  • Increased leg and core strength from balancing and turning the kayak
  • Boosted mood and calming effects
  • Low impact to joints and bones due to the nature of this low impact activity


Rock climbing may be the most intense activity we have on this list. It requires an incredible amount of strength, endurance, and determination as you ascend a cliff, boulder, or indoor rock wall. Climbing can be a dangerous sport and we recommend getting proper training in climbing techniques as well as using the right specialized equipment to keep you safe. The health benefits of climbing include:

  • Strengthening and toning nearly every muscle group in the body (i.e. legs, core, back, arms, etc.)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Mental strength through problem solving
  • Reduced stress levels

We hope this post gives you some amazing ideas and encourages you to get outdoors and enjoy nature this summer!