5 Herbal Teas to Try

There are many different products to choose from when it comes to boosting your health. Despite this abundance, there are natural ways to achieve the same overall health goals. Here are some remedies that you can find in some of your favorite teas.

Try this tea

  1. Chamomile Tea
    • Most known for its calming and relaxing effects, chamomile takes the tea in reducing sleep deprivation. According to the US National Library of Medicine there was a study conducted that found people with sleep insomnia noticed positive improvements in their sleep cycles from drinking chamomile twice a day. Chamomile is also known for easing joint discomfort, and its immune boosting qualities.
      We suggest drinking chamomile right before you go to sleep to increase your relaxation and improve your sleep cycle.
      Chamomile also pairs great with Univera’s Solanyx Day and Night caplets to help boost your immune system.*

  2. Peppermint Tea
    • Commonly known to keep your digestive tract on track, this tea is also known to have digestive and immune boosting properties. There are several studies that show peppermint oil to be a reliever for indigestion, nausea, and stomach pain. You also have the minty taste to spice up any part of your day.
      We suggest drinking peppermint tea after lunch and dinner to help improve digestion. It can also be a natural alternative worth trying for nausea and stomach pains.
      Peppermint tea combines great with Univera’s AloeDophilus probiotic to improve digestive health.*

  3. Ginger Tea
    • Ginger tea is a great way to add some spice to your taste buds while also relaxing stomach muscles. This is a great tea for people who may be more sensitive to food and medicine. It has also been known to help reduce the severity of menstrual pains for women.
      We suggest drinking ginger tea after spicy or acidic meals to improve the relaxation of your stomach muscles.
      Ginger tea pairs great with Univera’s MetaGreens capsules to cleanse and energize the mind and body.*

  4. Sage Tea
    • Ever have days where you feel run down and focusing seems difficult to do? Well sage tea is a natural remedy known to improve mental focus and attention. Different studies found that people who took different types of sage extracts has a positive effect on mood, mental function and memory.
      We suggest drinking sage tea every morning to improve mental performance throughout the day.
      Sage tea combines great with Univera’s Prime capsules to support mental energy production and cognitive function.*

  5. Lemon Balm Tea
    • Known to be a natural remedy for your heart, lemon balm tea also contributes to mental function and body balance. Many studies contribute to the evidence that supports lemon balm tea’s properties. It is also known to be a stress reliever and has multiple body calming benefits.
      We suggest drinking lemon tea at any time of day, since it has multiple beneficial properties.
      Lemon balm tea pairs great with Univera’s Anti-Stress capsules to ensure a relaxing body and mind.*

    Who knew tea could be so versatile. Now you might want to think twice about grabbing that cup of coffee, and trade it in for a natural remedy that is just as tasty.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.