2015 Yunho Lee Award Recipient

A true servant leader is one who is committed and loyal; who portrays excellence in character and knows the meaning of personal sacrifice.  It is someone who can successfully conduct business with a humble, caring disposition.

The Yunho Lee Award annually celebrates one individual who exemplifies these true characteristics of servant leadership. Named after our founder Yunho Lee, the recipient of Univera’s most prestigious honor for 2015 is Diamond Angelyn Toth.

Angelyn Toth, 2015 Yunho Lee Award Winner


Angelyn is an excellent example of how persistence pays off. She often tells how the person who introduced her to Univera just kept asking and sharing until she agreed to be open and listen.  That person believed in Univera and the impact it could have on Angelyn and her vision, and when she realized they had the same vision, she jumped on board.

Both her Canada and US Associates are proud to call Angelyn one of their leaders. But in Canada, she especially shines as she helped to establish the Vancouver office and as she sets the example of keeping a bright light shining even when things seem tough. Her message of hope and optimism helps others go forward with expectation leading to success.

“I feel there’s been a shift of consciousness, attitude, direction, and progressing.  With the GR8! incentive program, once again we have a system…we now have some steady bricks to start putting down.” She continues, “I would say going forward, not only is there a consciousness shift, but there’s a ground-level, kind of fundamental strategy for building the business.”

Angelyn Toth, Univera Convention 2015

Angelyn believes that by trusting in transparency, authenticity, honesty, and resonance, we can be highly successful and sustainable.  It’s in each Associate’s hand to achieve that success, which she advises we do now.  “Now is the time. Now is the time to take this very seriously. If you really want to live your highest and best, the time for you to show up in your true gifts and talents, then now is the time.  It’s a call to action now – Trust. Trust Univera.”

Don’t miss the video below to hear the Convention message of 2015 Yunho Lee Award Winner Angelyn Toth.  Hear why she is committed to Univera “through thick and thin.”  Catch her optimism and positive spirit and use it to take advantage of your Now.