2015 Univera Associate of the Year

One of the most prestigious honors for an Associate is to be named Univera Associate of the Year.  This award is presented annually at Univera Convention to the Associate who has shown exemplary leadership within his or her group by developing and growing a successful Univera business, and setting the example of excellence when working with both the Field and Corporate teams.

This year’s award was proudly presented to Blue Diamond Associate John Rogers.  A Univera leader since the very early years of the company, John’s is a well-known name.  His 15 years in Univera have not been wasted, resulting in an incredibly large Downteam which includes many of our most active and successful leaders.

Diamond Lana
Diamond Lana Simmons congratulates John as he walks to stage.

When asked how he felt about receiving the award, John expressed, “In a way I feel almost that anybody who’s with Univera has won the Associate of the Year Award just because they’re with the company. Any time you’re with the organization, you have the opportunity to make the best contribution you can make, so you’re inspired.”

John and Karen

John’s belief in the potential of Univera comes through in everything he shares. He spreads that passion in his team and brings voices together to express their visions and beliefs. This year he has been especially driven to bring his team together and define a clear path and vision to present to the company.

John is convinced that we are uniquely positioned to double the company by next year.  He and his team are committed to making that goal a reality.

He also expressed his extraordinary confidence in the leadership and vision of Univera President Ralph Bietz.  He looks forward to an impressive future of continues Corporate and Field teamwork and success.

For new Associates or those looking to re-engage and kick it up a notch, John offers this advice,

“Number one, understand what they’ve got hold of. Understand there is simply no place else that allows them to determine their destiny. We are uniquely positioned from a resources point of view.  We are uniquely positioned from a timing perspective. Most of the growth in any company’s history takes place when it goes international.  Most of the growth takes place before a company has broken out above $200 million. When you want to establish your team is when a company is on the verge of explosive growth, not after it’s already taken place.  If you’re new with Univera, don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Give it everything you have. Work harder than you’ve ever worked before and you’ll live the life you’ve only dreamed of.  But don’t wait, because this time will not last.

John and his wife Karen shared more about their success and vision after receiving their award.  If you weren’t at Convention, you can still appreciate their message in the video below.  And listen for his closing challenge, “Who is absolutely committed, rock-solid committed, to doubling the size of your team between now and June of 2016? Let’s do it! Let’s make it happen! Let’s do it together!”