1,206 Reasons to Move!

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” – Hippocrates

Whether you saunter, amble, hike, march, or stroll, walking is a simple, free activity offering a multitude of health and wellness benefits. It has weight loss benefits, heart health benefits, improves your mood and lowers stress, helps with sleep, increases energy, and even can help you stay ‘regular’.

One of the most exciting wins when you walk is the benefits to the 206 bones, 360 joints, and over 640 muscles you are using as you do it. That’s over 1,206 reasons to walk today! How exciting that you boost health in these places as you use them.


Benefits of Walking

206 Bones

Your bones support your whole body, so keeping them strong is the foundation (literally) of your ability to move. Most people achieve peak bone mass around the age of 30, when a shift happens and more bone is lost than gained. Weight-bearing exercises like walking can stop the loss of bone mass.

The National Institute of Health describes it like this: “Like muscle, bone is living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Young women and men who exercise regularly generally achieve greater peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength) than those who do not”

Improving bone mass decreases the risk of fracture as we age and just provides a stronger “frame” for the “house” we live in daily!

However, walking and other routine movements can also put strain on our bone structure. That being the case, flexibility is also vital aspect of bone health. We often think of bones as being rigid and unyielding, but your bones need to be flexible in order to withstand a lifetime of impact, even from such simple tasks as standing up and walking! To this end, we recommend Univera’s 206 Complete, a formula specially devised to fortify your 206 bones’ density, strength, and flexibility!


360 JointsBenefits of Walking

Joint cartilage has no direct blood supply so doesn’t get it’s nutrients that way. According to University of Washington, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, cartilage “gets it oxygen and nutrients from the surrounding joint fluid. When a joint is loaded, the pressure squeezes fluid including waste products out of the cartilage, and when the pressure is relieved, the fluid seeps back in together with oxygen and nutrients.” The movement and compression of walking achieves this.

Healthy joints means more movement possibilities which means healthier joints…you get it!


Benefits of Walking

640 Muscles

Strengthening your muscles may be an obvious benefit of walking, but did you know that strengthening your muscles affects so many other things? Strong muscles provide protection against injury – or rather weak muscles increase the chance of bone and joint injury. Balance is also helped by strong muscles.

Basically, the muscles are what hold everything together. The stronger you can make them the easier you make it to keep your bones and joints healthy.


Benefits of Walking

Moving this Summer

So where will you wander on your next mosey? Whether it’s a walk around a block or a road trip to your favorite hiking trail, your bones, joints, and muscles will thank you!