• Active Dog, Happy Dog

    Active Dog, Happy Dog

    Your dog was likely bred for work – hunting, guarding, herding, sporting – meaning he was built to be active. In our modern lives, our pets depend on us to help them maintain that activity. Just like humans, exercise is vital to good health for dogs.

    Active Dog, Happy Dog

    Health Benefits of Exercise

    It’s probably not surprising that the health benefits of exercise for dogs mirror those for humans:

    • Weight Management – active dogs burn more calories
    • Brain Health & Mental Well-being – stimulates mental activity and encourages problem solving
    • Joint Health – keeps joints lubricated and discourages stiffness
    • Improved Behavior – a tired dog is less likely to burn excess energy with undesirable behavior
    • Reduced Disease – including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and insulin resistance

    Not to mention an active dog means an active you, so you enjoy the benefits above too!

    Active Dog, Happy DogIncreasing Activity

    One of the easiest ways to exercise your dog (and you) is walking. Each breed of dog, and each dog itself, needs different amounts of walking. For instance, active breeds need a minimum of 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise most days of the week. And, you can do it anywhere. In fact, dogs, like humans, appreciate comfort and routine, so a regular route in your neighborhood is a great place to start.

    You can get creative with dog activities too. Instead of a walk, go running. Take an agility class or get involved in competitive tracking. Or just enjoy a good old fashioned game of fetch! Plan a doggie play date. It all counts.

    If you live in an area with difficult weather, consider these indoor dog activities:

    • Set up an obstacle course
    • Keep away and fetch
    • Run your dog up and down the stairs

    Before you start a dog exercise program, you should take the same precautions as you would with yourself and check with your dog’s veterinarian.

    Active Dog, Happy Dog

    Joint Health for Your Dog and for You

    With increased activity comes increased soreness and discomfort. Univera has help for both you and your dog in promoting joint comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement. All of these contain the award-winning power of our proprietary ingredient, Protectin™.

    RegeniPET™: New name, same great benefits! An advanced formula, beef-liver flavored formula designed especially for your dog.

    RegeniCARE®: Raspberry or Lemon flavored powder for ultimate joint care.

    RegeniFREE®: The power of Protectin in a capsule. Perfect for those with shellfish allergies.

    Active Dog, Happy Dog

  • Live Fit with Univera for National Fit Month!

    New Year, New YOU!  January is the time when we turn our focus to health and wellness and renew our determination to improve and maintain fitness goals. Univera has a bundle for you to kick off your efforts with a high-protein breakfast, lunch, and snack PLUS a FREE bottle of a favorite supplement.


    US Associates and Customers:

    Save $35.00 when you purchase PQ Diet™ Pancake, PQ Diet™ Cream of Vegetable Soup, and Univera Ultra Protein™ Chocolate Soy Snacks and receive a FREE EnzyDigest®!

    EnzyDigest Benefits:

    • Supports the overall digestive process*
    • Helps the body absorb nutrients*
    • Helps relieve symptoms normally associated with poor digestion*


    Canada Associates and Customers:

    SAVE $57.00 when you buy PQ Diet™ Pancake, PQ Diet™ Cream of Vegetable Soup, and Univera Ultra Protein™ Chocolate Soy Snacks and receive a FREE Level G®!

    Level G Benefits

    • Health Canada approved NPN (Natural Product Number): 80025856
    • Contributes to a healthy glucose metabolism
    • Contains chromium, an essential trace mineral shown to promote a healthy glucose metabolism
    • Contains vanadium, an essential trace mineral, a factor in the maintenance of good health
    • Contains banaba extract to support healthy blood sugar metabolism
    • Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats


    SAVE Now at Univera.com. Our Customer Care Team is also available at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada. 

    Available through January 31, 2017, or while supplies last. No limit. All sales are final. Savings based on Retail Price.

  • RegeniPET™ is Back!

    What’s new about Joint Health for Pets?  It’s taking back its previous name, RegeniPET™! This change brings the product name back into alignment with our other joint health products – RegeniCARE and RegeniFREE.

    Our original formula was already fantastic, and along with the name change, we’ve also enhanced the benefits. It now has a better source of B12 that improves its bio-availability. We have also replaced the molasses powder with honey powder, a healthier option.

    To celebrate, we’d love to know about your pet health stories! Either send them to IAmUnivera@univera.com with a picture of your pet or post on social media with #IAmUnivera. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories.

    Familiar?  If not, this is a valuable product for your pets, as it supports total pet health by:

    • Helping lubricate joints
    • Aiding in regenerating and renewing cartilage
    • It’s also veterinarian-tested and recommended

    Head on over to Univera.com to purchase RegeniPET today! You can also purchase through Customer Care at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada.

  • One Change for Lasting Change

    One Change for Lasting Change

    Biting off more than you can chew is usually disastrous when making long-term changes. In order for a lifestyle change to last, approach it as a process of evolution instead of one big, complicated resolution.

    Because all of those unhealthy behaviors evolved over time, you should expect to conquer them over time. As you create a new habit and are confident about it, then add a new goal. Achieve that goal, then repeat.

    Once you’ve identified the area of your life you want to change, pick a small step to start with. Especially at the beginning, don’t be embarrassed to pick one that you are 120% confident you can achieve. Starting from a solid base of success will build your confidence moving forward.

    We’ve come up with a few easy “baby steps” to get you started:

    One Change for Lasting Change


    Nutrition and Diet

    • Consume more plants: More fiber, vitamins, minerals, and taste – you can’t go wrong.
      • Add one more serving of vegetables a day.
      • Try a new vegetable or fruit each week.
      • Have a meatless dinner each week with beans or other plant-based protein.
      • Make it a game and try to get a plant of each color of the rainbow throughout the week.
    • Get cooking: Eating out is generally unhealthy and expensive.
      • Make a simple sack lunch instead of eating out a couple times a week. It can even be leftovers from the night before.
      • Keep it simple with a chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and a healthy starch for dinner.
      • Stock up with healthy and easy crock-pot meals. Recipes are available online so you can cook a batch on your day off, freeze, and enjoy over time – with the convenience of heat and eat!
    • Cut back slowly: Cold turkey is a sure way to freeze your success.
      • Sugar in your coffee? Cut it in half and give it a week or so. Then cut it in half again until you reach a point you’re happy with.
      • Love that red meat? Replace one meat and potatoes night each week with a chicken and potatoes night. Feeling adventurous? Replace it with a fish and vegetables night!
      • Bread-a-holic? Try having an open-faced sandwich with just one slice of bread or make a whole grain tortilla roll-up instead. Cut rolls in half and share with your neighbor.

    One Change for Lasting Change


    Movement and Exercise:

    • Add one extra movement to your day: You’re building a new life, so start with a new routine.
      • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
      • Park at the outside borders of the lot or several blocks from your destination for extra steps.
      • Walk to the farthest restroom in your building when you take a break.
    • Make an exercise date: Treat your health with as much importance as your business meetings.
      • Just pick one day or even two and make a date for 30 minutes in your calendar – actually write it in your schedule.
      • If 30 minutes seems too long, try a short, but effective Tabata
      • If that even still feels like too much pressure, decide to just get dressed for a workout and step into the gym at that scheduled time. You’ll probably find that once you place that foot into the gym, you’ll exercise anyway. And if not, you still achieved your goal and started creating a habit.
    • Join a team or take a class: Add more movement and have fun at the same time.
      • Quidditch anyone? Join a neighborhood softball or basketball team. Or express yourself with roller derby or bowling. And there really are Quidditch leagues if you’re a Harry Potter fan!
      • Be like Bruce Lee. Martial arts can be good for the body and the mind. Plus, an excuse to release excess energy in a cathartic way.
      • Flexible and strong. Yoga classes are all around. Ask when you register if there is a beginner class or help with modifications. And don’t worry about perfect form or if you can even do every position. It will come.

    One Change for Lasting Change


    Other bite-size healthy changes:

    • Unplug: Taking a break from technology has benefits you probably haven’t even considered. Check out this article for more information and easy ideas.
    • Mindfulness: You don’t have to have a structured routine to benefit from mindfulness. Pick a regularly occurring event and create the intention to stop, breathe, and observe when that event happens.
      • When waiting at a crosswalk, take a few deep breaths and find 5 details around you that you may not have noticed before.
      • Each time you get in your car, before putting your seatbelt on and inserting the key in the ignition, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and note what your senses discover.
      • As you brush your teeth, focus on the experience, how the bristles feel on your teeth, the flavors and textures of the toothpaste, the feel of the toothbrush in your hand.
    • Posture: Improve your posture to improve circulation, decrease pain, and increase confidence. It’s easy to build into your day.
      • Pick a color or object or word. When you run across that color/object/word in your daily activities, check your posture.
      • Each time you sit at your desk, take a moment to assess your posture and start your next segment of work on the right path.
      • Not sure what it means to have good posture? This infographic is a great place to start.

    You’ve heard it before, but that’s because it’s true. Small changes add up and before you know it, a big change has taken place. Your evolving health will mean more and last a lifetime if you make it a lifestyle rather than a short-term challenge.

    What is your first “one change” going to be?

  • Happy New Year from your Univera Family!

    As we close 2016 and head into a new year with new beginnings, we celebrate the lessons learned and the blessings received, eagerly anticipating what the future will bring.

    We consider you our Family and want to thank you for your continued loyalty and passion for our amazing products.  You, our Customers, are the reason Univera is able to bring the best of nature to humankind, and you are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for choosing to Live Young with us every day, and we wish you long-lasting health and wellness and joyful memories throughout the New Year!

    Appreciating you,

    Ralph Bietz

  • Getting In Your Own Way?

    Getting In Your Own Way?

    Be honest, what happens more often? Do you set goals then fail, or do you not set goals because you are afraid you will fail? What stories or thoughts do you tell yourself that limit your capacity to be your best self? These are your limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those ideas about your identity and self that inhibit your growth. If you’ve ever started a sentence with “I want to…but…” you probably have a limiting belief.

    One employee at Univera describes how she came to identify and label herself as “the smart one” and relegated her sisters to the roles of “the creative one” and “the athletic one.” (How sad for all of them.) Because of this she never explored any artistic mediums and described herself physically as clumsy and weak. She tells us, “Imagine my surprise in my late 30s when I made a conscious decision to leave my comfort zone and discovered that I not only enjoy creating art, I’m actually pretty good at it. And, the confidence and shift in body image that came from working with a trainer and seeing that my body could be strong and that I actually do have balance and grace was life-changing.”

    So, are you standing in your own way?


    Getting In Your Own Way?


    If you sense that you have a limiting belief, here are some steps to overcome it.

    1) Identify and isolate the belief. This might be difficult. To start, what are the words that come after ‘but’? As in, “I want to, but…” Also, listen for these other warning words or phrases that you have a limiting belief:

    • I do or I don’t
    • I can’t
    • I must or I mustn’t
    • I am or I am not
    • Others are or Others will

    2) Discover where the belief came from. Does it reflect an experience you had? Is it something you have been repeatedly told? Does it come from a place of fear?

    3) Analyze the truth of the belief. Is any of your belief based in fact? What are the lies behind the belief? Has this belief ever worked for you? When has it worked against you?


    Getting In Your Own Way?


    4) Embrace a NEW belief. Turn your limiting belief into an empowering belief. This does not necessarily mean just choosing an opposite – in the story above, “not clumsy” is different than “graceful.” And you don’t have to replace an “I’m not” with an “I am” – for our employee, the “I am not creative” was replaced by “I can make art.” Be realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure.

    • Replace “I am a lazy person who can’t lose weight” with “I can set realistic goals for my health and meet those goals one at a time.”
    • Replace “I’m too old” with “This is the perfect stage in my life to get started because I have knowledge and wisdom to guide me.”
    • Replace “I don’t have a mind for business” with “I have a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic.”

    5) Go forward “as if.” Once you have framed a new belief, even if you don’t embrace it yet, go forward as if it is true. Create small successes and before you know it, it will be true.

    As you move into the next stage of your life, try to reflect on your limiting beliefs and how they affect you. At the very least, consider adopting these empowering beliefs for everyone from Tony Robbins:

    Here are ten examples of empowering beliefs to try on:

    • The past does not equal the future.
    • There is always a way if I’m committed.
    • There are no failures, only outcomes—as long as I learn something I’m succeeding.
    • If I can’t, I must; if I must, I can.
    • Everything happens for a reason and a purpose that serves me.
    • I find great joy in little things… a smile… a flower… a sunset.
    • I give more of myself to others than anyone expects.
    • I create my own reality and am responsible for what I create.
    • If I’m confused, I’m about to learn something.
    • Every day above ground is a great day.
  • Just for the Health of It! Give the Gift of Univera!

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    As the year comes to a close, the tradition of gift giving is meaningful to many of us – no matter what holiday we celebrate. So, why not share the additional gift of health and well-being to your wrapped packages this year?

    Univera’s full line of Live Young products are ideal for giving simply on their own, elaborately as a full basket, and anything in between. Do you have someone who needs a nutrition boost? Or a little PURE-sonal pampering? How about a fitness lover? Maybe a family or couple that would enjoy some quality time at home? There are even ideas for the dog (or dog-lover) in your life.

    With a little creativity and a lot of love, you can spread good cheer and better health at the same time.


    PURE-sonal Care Gift Basket

    Spa Worthy:

    Give the gift of relaxation and self-care, because everyone deserves a little “me” time in this hectic world. With W389™ and Hilltop Gardens®, there are many ways to personalize a spa basket for everyone in your life – women and men, young and young-at-heart.

    Start with your favorite personal care products such as our convenient and cost-saving W389 and Hilltop Gardens Holiday Bundles!

    Now add the touches to make it personal with some accessories to enhance their spa experience. The great thing is all of these work for anyone. Just choose an option that suits your recipient – masculine or feminine, trendy or classic:

    • Loofah or bath poof
    • High quality washcloth and towel
    • Bath pillow
    • Candle
    • Book
    • Herbal tea
    • Relaxing music
    • Manicure kit
    • bathrobe
    • Gift certificates: massage, manicure, pedicure
    • For that special someone, you could even throw in personal coupons for a back or foot rub.


    Fill The Gaps Nutrition Gift Basket

    Fill the Gaps Nutrition:

    Do you know someone who is trying to eat better and nourish their body? Give them a healthy boost with a holiday bundle that includes key nutrients. Univera’s Nutrition Bundle includes km, MetaGreens, and MegaVitamins to help where diet sometimes misses.

    Add those to a useful fruit basket or a lovely salad bowl and fill in the spaces with some yummy fun such as:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Food prep kitchen accessories
    • A healthy foods cookbook
    • Subscription to a local produce delivery service
    • Gift card to a local food coop, farmer’s market, or healthy grocery store


    Fitness Lovers Gift Basket

    Fitness Lovers:

    Do you know someone who wouldn’t think of missing their gym workout? Or someone who has talked about making activity more a part of their daily life? Try to pick products that focus on energy, recovery, and comfort. For instance, the gift bag above includes:

    To kick it up a notch, add some fitness tools or other relevant products:

    • Univera Pedometer to monitor success
    • Fitness accessories like hand weights or bands or a more activity-specific item
    • A workout DVD or a gift certificate for a class
    • A journal to track progress
    • Also, RegeniCARE® and RegeniFREE® are useful for joint comfort*.

    If the above suggestions seem like a lot, don’t feel like you have to include everything. You know your loved one best.


    Quality Time Gift Basket

    Quality Time:

    What’s better than a cozy night in when it’s chilly out? A movie night doesn’t have to be full of sugary treats. This basket has just the right balance of savory and sweet indulgence and is full of healthier options.

    • Who needs candy when you have our Ultra Protein™ Chocolate Soy Snacks? Each crunchy bite will satisfy any movie watcher and the added protein prevents mindless over-noshing.
    • A Berry-Mango Spritzer is the perfect replacement for sugary soft drinks. Just drop in a note to mix MetaBerry®Aloe Select® Mango & sparkling water for zesty refreshment.
    • And for a twist on traditional popcorn, give a canister of MetaGreens®. It’s easy to sprinkle some on top for a savory touch. Plus, the extra phytonutrients are awesome!
    • Don’t forget the entertainment with a DVD/Blu-Ray or a gift card.

    Personalize for non-movie buffs:


    Man’s Best FriendMan's Best Friend Christmas Gifts

    • Create some holiday cheer for your furry friend (and his human) with a new dog food bowl – set a jar of Joint Health for Pets inside, add some treats and a small toy, and you’re set.
    • Give your favorite dog and his owner the gift of an active life. Wrap up a leash and a ball to throw. Add some Joint Health for Pets for Fido and RegeniCARE for his human for joint comfort after those long walks.
  • MetaBerry Holiday Punch

    Healthy Holiday Entertaining Ideas

    If you’re like me, you want to nourish the people you celebrate with as well as please their palates. Believe it or not, it IS possible to serve an elegant selection of holiday treats without extra carbs, sugar, and fat. We went on a search for ideas that are easy to prepare, look fabulous, and are nourishing to the body as well as the soul.

    To help with your party-planning, here are a few healthy favorites we found. Check out the ideas below and even more on our Pinterest to inspire your celebration.

    Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt and Pistachios
    Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt & Pistachios, Image by Joslyn Blair on Delish.com


    • If you’re like us, bite-size stacks of food are the best. Recipes abound with endless combinations, but we like this selection of 3 Ingredient Appetizers – especially the Roasted Beet Slices with Yogurt and Pistachios pictured above. With the beets full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, the protein and probiotics of Greek yogurt, and the power-packed pistachios, there’s not a lot of competition for a more nutritionally amazing bite.
    • These baked not fried Cocktail Meatballs are full of herb goodness without the carbs of bread-crumbs and other fillers. Keep the dips simple with ketchup or mustard, or try something fresh like Greek Tzatziki.
    Univera Ultra Protein Wafer Delights
    Univera Ultra Protein Wafer Fruit Delights


    • Anything on a toothpick is perfect for a party. But add high-protein satisfaction, low sugar, and a sweet vanilla or mocha taste and these Univera Ultra Protein™ Wafer Fruit Delights are a must for every celebration.
    • Did someone say Cinnamon Bun Popcorn? With air-popped popcorn, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder, and stevia – this is a guilt-free indulgence. Try it with Ultra Protein Vanilla Daily Meal Replacement Shake.
    • For a rustic but elegant offering, create small toothpick skewers with interesting fruit, cheese, and herb combinations. Have fun with the possibilities:
      • blackberries, feta cheese, and mint
      • grapes, blue cheese, and dill
      • cranberries, brie, and a clove of roasted garlic
      • pear and gouda, sprinkled with thyme
      • dates stuffed with goat cheese and chives
    Cranberry-Avocado Dip at GluedToMyCraftsBlog.com
    Avocado & Cranberry Dip, Image by Stacey at GluedToMyCraftsBlog.com

    DIP IT

    Dips are always popular, but there is no need to resort to greasy chips. A veggie tray is easy to put together, with nearly endless possibilities.

    • Try this holiday variation of guacamole, with all the creamy goodness and healthy fats, plus the burst of tart cranberry – Avocado & Cranberry Dip.
    • For a Mediterranean feel with the holiday tradition of sweet potatoes, mix up a batch of this Sweet Potato Hummus.
    • If you’re looking for a creamy option, try this Roasted Garlic & Chive Dip with just a few basic, but rich ingredients.
    MetaBerry Holiday Punch
    MetaBerry Holiday Punch


    • Get the power-packed nutrition of fresh fruits and berries with superior antioxidant protection by mixing up an easy batch of Metaberry® Holiday Punch.
    • Serve up some digestive and immune support with Aloe Select® Cherry Lime Rickeys. With a little creativity, this simple drink has endless variations – use cranberries instead of cherry, or use Xtra® or MetaBerry® instead. Try Aloe Select® Mango for a tropical touch. Or, substitute lemon or orange juice for lime.
    • You can never go wrong with infused water for a sugar-free, yet flavor-rich beverage. Like this Cranberry Mint Water –  such a great combination already but easy to customize – use basil instead of mint, or add oranges to the mix, or even sliced cucumbers for an extra fresh taste. If you can imagine it, you can add it.
    Grinch Kabobs, Image by Bree at Sugar and Grace


    • Grinch Kabobs are an easy treat that the kids can have fun making themselves. Grape, strawberry, and banana are full of fruity goodness, and if you don’t want the sugar of the mini marshmallow ball, substitute small squares of mozzarella cheese or air-popped popcorn.
    • Get creative with the labels! A simple sign can turn a healthy treat into a holiday joy:
      • Snowman Noses: carrot sticks
      • Reindeer Food: trail mix
      • Snowballs: cauliflower heads
      • Reindeer Noses: cranberries or cherry tomatoes
    • Finish off the kids’ selection with fun Reindeer Water Bottles. They’re not only easy to decorate, they’re easy to carry around.

    For even more healthy holiday entertaining ideas, check the Univera Pinterest board.

  • Giving Nourishment on Giving Tuesday

    On Giving Tuesday, Univera will donate $5 to Univera Serve First® for every Holiday Gift Bundle purchased! That’s the equivalent of up to 35 meals of nourishment for every $5 donated!

    Double your Give with one click…you can take care of your gift-giving list while giving nourishment to the youngest of humankind. To participate, just purchase any of these packs – $5 will be donated to Serve First for each one!


    • W389 Skintacular Bundle – Save $72 and Give glowing, healthy skin to enhance a loved one’s confidence with this skintacular bundle of W389™ Foaming Cleanser, Mineral Toner, and Shine Essence and Get a FREE Enzyme Peel.
    • Hilltop Gardens Full Body Bundle – SAVE $29 and Give Personal Care that’s uniquely PURE-sonal with the full body bundle of Hilltop Gardens® Nourishing Shampoo, Strengthening Conditioner, and Purifying Body Wash and Get a FREE Protective Body Lotion.
    • Healthy Nutrition Bundle – SAVE $33 and Give MetaGreens® and km® and get a FREE MegaVitamins™ to someone that needs a nutrition boost.
    • W389 Trial Packs Bundle –  SAVE $50 and Give a gift that travels or is easy to stuff in a stocking with this W389™ Trial Pack BOGO.
    • Simple Sentiments Bundle – SAVE $16 and Give a gift that travels or is easy to stuff in a stocking with this Univera PQ Diet™ Cocoa Drink, Essentials™ MINIs and FREE Aloe in the Raw.

    Univera Serve First is Univera’s philanthropic arm dedicated to addressing the nutritional needs of at-risk children worldwide. This purpose is woven into our company’s philosophy of sharing our resources and knowledge to make the world a better place for others. With years of research dedicated to capturing and delivering the healing power of plants, Serve First is uniquely positioned to deliver much needed nourishment to the growing bodies of young impoverished children. To learn more, visit ServeFirst.org.

    Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) along with the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. More information is available at GivingTuesday.org.

  • Create Active Holiday Traditions

    Creating Active Holiday Traditions

    This is a special and meaningful time of year, as we gather together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the holidays. Some of us have cherished family traditions that we observe every year — like drinking hot chocolate or eggnog while decorating the tree or getting the kids together to bake Grandma’s “famous” cookies.

    Make Active Holiday Traditions
    Make Active Holiday Traditions

    As you work to live young and share that attitude with those you love, consider adding new tradition this year with fun, outdoor activities. Not only will you reinforce your relationships and create new memories, you’ll maintain (or create!) healthy, active habits.

    • Movement is good – anytime. This may seem obvious because the health benefits of exercise are well-known and documented. Unfortunately, it is too easy to fall out of our fitness routines when the weather outside is ‘frightful.’ What a shame to lose the progress worked for in the warmer months. And for those who don’t already move a lot, what a great time to start – when it does get warmer it’ll be that much easier to kick your activity into high gear.
    • Fight the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real and one of the best ways to combat it is to get out in the sun and move. This article will give you even more S.A.D.-fighting tips.
    • Vitamin D. Even if you don’t deal with the winter blues, you need Vitamin D – which our bodies make when exposed to the sun. This vitamin is vital for maintaining bone and teeth health, supporting the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system, and offering a protective effect against multiple diseases. The amount of sun to produce sufficient Vitamin D you need varies based on many factors, but any sun exposure will get you started on the right track.
    Multi Generation Family On Countryside Walk
    Take a Nature Walk

    So, how can you get out there and move while spending time creating a tradition that will last?

    • Play in the snow. Building a snowman is a great source of exercise and encourages collaboration. There’s also skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and even making snow angels. For inspiration, check out these 40 Creative Snowmen and Other Snow Sculptures or if the mood strikes, let Calvin and Hobbes guide you.
    • Team up for family games like touch football, kickball, Wiffle ball, or street hockey. For other creative winter game ideas see these 10 Winter Family Games or these Games to Play in the Snow. Many of these snow ideas can be adapted for non-snow conditions with a little creativity.
    • Plan an ornament hunt; it’s like an Easter egg hunt but with a holiday twist. Hide plastic ornaments around the yard and let family members loose to find them. Whoever finds the most ornaments wins a prize.
    • Take a nature walk. To make it even more memorable, prepare ahead of time some pine cone peanut butter bird feeders and cranberry or popcorn garlands. Then find just the right tree and decorate it with these edible treats for local wildlife to enjoy!
    • Go caroling. You’re outdoors, you’re moving, you’re singing, and you’re enjoying each other’s company. Plus you’re spreading a bit of holiday cheer. Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, just make them up! But if you’re a stickler for that kind of thing, there are some printable lyrics for many carols here.
    Have a RegeniCARE Toddy
    Have a RegeniCARE Toddy

    You’ve bundled up, spent the day creating memories, and now you’ve returned to your cozy home. What’s next? While enjoying the glow of flushed cheeks and happy faces, warm up with these healthy hot drinks.

    • Try a Spiced Apple & Elderflower Warmer as featured on the Live Univera Blog. In just 10 minutes you can have a soothing drink with the medicinal benefits of elderflower.
    • For the adults, enjoy a raspberry or lemon flavored RegeniCARE ‘Toddy’ while keeping your joints healthy*. Just add a packet of your favorite flavor to your mug of hot water.
    • Or have a hot Protein Quotient® Cocoa Drink with the comfort of hot chocolate and the workout-recovery benefits of protein.

    Remember: one thing the holidays are about is enjoying time with family and friends, but fitting in physical activity can help everyone experience the spirit of the season in a healthier way!