• Giving Nourishment on Giving Tuesday

    On Giving Tuesday, Univera will donate $5 to Univera Serve First® for every Holiday Gift Bundle purchased! That’s the equivalent of up to 35 meals of nourishment for every $5 donated!

    Double your Give with one click…you can take care of your gift-giving list while giving nourishment to the youngest of humankind. To participate, just purchase any of these packs – $5 will be donated to Serve First for each one!


    • W389 Skintacular Bundle – Save $72 and Give glowing, healthy skin to enhance a loved one’s confidence with this skintacular bundle of W389™ Foaming Cleanser, Mineral Toner, and Shine Essence and Get a FREE Enzyme Peel.
    • Hilltop Gardens Full Body Bundle – SAVE $29 and Give Personal Care that’s uniquely PURE-sonal with the full body bundle of Hilltop Gardens® Nourishing Shampoo, Strengthening Conditioner, and Purifying Body Wash and Get a FREE Protective Body Lotion.
    • Healthy Nutrition Bundle – SAVE $33 and Give MetaGreens® and km® and get a FREE MegaVitamins™ to someone that needs a nutrition boost.
    • W389 Trial Packs Bundle –  SAVE $50 and Give a gift that travels or is easy to stuff in a stocking with this W389™ Trial Pack BOGO.
    • Simple Sentiments Bundle – SAVE $16 and Give a gift that travels or is easy to stuff in a stocking with this Univera PQ Diet™ Cocoa Drink, Essentials™ MINIs and FREE Aloe in the Raw.

    Univera Serve First is Univera’s philanthropic arm dedicated to addressing the nutritional needs of at-risk children worldwide. This purpose is woven into our company’s philosophy of sharing our resources and knowledge to make the world a better place for others. With years of research dedicated to capturing and delivering the healing power of plants, Serve First is uniquely positioned to deliver much needed nourishment to the growing bodies of young impoverished children. To learn more, visit ServeFirst.org.

    Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) along with the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. More information is available at GivingTuesday.org.

  • Create Active Holiday Traditions

    Creating Active Holiday Traditions

    This is a special and meaningful time of year, as we gather together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the holidays. Some of us have cherished family traditions that we observe every year — like drinking hot chocolate or eggnog while decorating the tree or getting the kids together to bake Grandma’s “famous” cookies.

    Make Active Holiday Traditions
    Make Active Holiday Traditions

    As you work to live young and share that attitude with those you love, consider adding new tradition this year with fun, outdoor activities. Not only will you reinforce your relationships and create new memories, you’ll maintain (or create!) healthy, active habits.

    • Movement is good – anytime. This may seem obvious because the health benefits of exercise are well-known and documented. Unfortunately, it is too easy to fall out of our fitness routines when the weather outside is ‘frightful.’ What a shame to lose the progress worked for in the warmer months. And for those who don’t already move a lot, what a great time to start – when it does get warmer it’ll be that much easier to kick your activity into high gear.
    • Fight the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real and one of the best ways to combat it is to get out in the sun and move. This article will give you even more S.A.D.-fighting tips.
    • Vitamin D. Even if you don’t deal with the winter blues, you need Vitamin D – which our bodies make when exposed to the sun. This vitamin is vital for maintaining bone and teeth health, supporting the health of the immune system, brain, and nervous system, and offering a protective effect against multiple diseases. The amount of sun to produce sufficient Vitamin D you need varies based on many factors, but any sun exposure will get you started on the right track.
    Multi Generation Family On Countryside Walk
    Take a Nature Walk

    So, how can you get out there and move while spending time creating a tradition that will last?

    • Play in the snow. Building a snowman is a great source of exercise and encourages collaboration. There’s also skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and even making snow angels. For inspiration, check out these 40 Creative Snowmen and Other Snow Sculptures or if the mood strikes, let Calvin and Hobbes guide you.
    • Team up for family games like touch football, kickball, Wiffle ball, or street hockey. For other creative winter game ideas see these 10 Winter Family Games or these Games to Play in the Snow. Many of these snow ideas can be adapted for non-snow conditions with a little creativity.
    • Plan an ornament hunt; it’s like an Easter egg hunt but with a holiday twist. Hide plastic ornaments around the yard and let family members loose to find them. Whoever finds the most ornaments wins a prize.
    • Take a nature walk. To make it even more memorable, prepare ahead of time some pine cone peanut butter bird feeders and cranberry or popcorn garlands. Then find just the right tree and decorate it with these edible treats for local wildlife to enjoy!
    • Go caroling. You’re outdoors, you’re moving, you’re singing, and you’re enjoying each other’s company. Plus you’re spreading a bit of holiday cheer. Don’t worry if you don’t know the words, just make them up! But if you’re a stickler for that kind of thing, there are some printable lyrics for many carols here.
    Have a RegeniCARE Toddy
    Have a RegeniCARE Toddy

    You’ve bundled up, spent the day creating memories, and now you’ve returned to your cozy home. What’s next? While enjoying the glow of flushed cheeks and happy faces, warm up with these healthy hot drinks.

    • Try a Spiced Apple & Elderflower Warmer as featured on the Live Univera Blog. In just 10 minutes you can have a soothing drink with the medicinal benefits of elderflower.
    • For the adults, enjoy a raspberry or lemon flavored RegeniCARE ‘Toddy’ while keeping your joints healthy*. Just add a packet of your favorite flavor to your mug of hot water.
    • Or have a hot Protein Quotient® Cocoa Drink with the comfort of hot chocolate and the workout-recovery benefits of protein.

    Remember: one thing the holidays are about is enjoying time with family and friends, but fitting in physical activity can help everyone experience the spirit of the season in a healthier way!

  • Raspberry Vinaigrette

    Cooking Up a Healthy Thanksgiving

    You take the time to be with loved ones at Thanksgiving and it’s important to you that they are nourished in a healthy way. We’ve set out to help with this collection of recipes that are full of green and veggie goodness, low in fat and sugar, and loaded with other healthy “stuff”. Enjoy browsing and enjoy the feast even more!

    For more healthy holiday ideas check out Univera Pinterest.


    Butternut Squash Soup

    Appetizers and Soup

    • Butternut Squash Soup is a rich, inviting way to start your meal. It’s already rich with flavor, but the addition of MetaGreens® enhances this already savory treat. Also, the super-concentrated vegetable blend of MetaGreens offers additional health benefits.
    • A healthy and easy appetizer while the meal is finalized is these Curried Sweet Potato Rounds. With Honeyed Walnuts, Cranberries, and bleu cheese resting on top, they will definitely get the digestive juices flowing.
    • The combination of healthy greens, a crispy texture, and creamy garlic aioli will make these Crispy Brussels Sprouts a hit. Choose an olive oil mayonnaise for a boost of good fats.


    Oregano-Coriander Rubbed Turkey
    Photo Credit: Health.com

    Main Dish




    • Keep it classic with a mixed greens salad and a homemade fruity vinaigrette. This Aloe Select Raspberry Vinaigrette adds the extra digestive benefits of aloe. And you’re not limited to raspberry – feel free to substitute your favorite “harvest-y” fruit like cranberry, pomegranate, or even oranges.
    • Try this Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad filled with a fruity zing. And the superfood punch of kale and pomegranate doesn’t hurt either.
    • When you see this bright, color-filled Roasted Vegetable Salad you’ll want to cook it before Thanksgiving! The carrots, beets and greens are enhanced with a simple garlic dressing and pepitas.


    Kale & Wild Rice Casserole
    Photo Credit: Half Baked Harvest


    • For a twist on the traditional green casserole (you know which one I mean), try the Kale and Wild Rice Casserole pictured above. With kale, mushrooms, and a touch of gruyere cheese, it’s sure to satisfy.
    • Instead of high-carb mashed potatoes, try this Rosemary Garlic Mashed Cauliflower. With the same creamy texture and the earthy rosemary and garlic flavor, it’s sure to be a hit.


    Vanilla Almond Iced Tea
    Photo Credit: Sweetpea Lifestyle


    • Break from the cranberry and apple routine with this Vanilla Almond Iced Tea. The recipe calls for your favorite sweetened iced tea and lemonade, so if you don’t want to purchase them we recommend these options with stevia – Iced Tea, Lemonade. For even more health benefits, you might substitute green tea for the usual black tea.
    • Try this Thanksgiving Punch with the flavors of ginger, pomegranate, and pineapple for a change of pace. If you’re concerned about sugar, substitute 1 tsp stevia powder.


    Baked Pears with Walnut and Honey
    Photo Credit: Skinny Taste



    Healthy Thanksgiving Centerpieces
    Photo Credit: Living Locurto

    To pull everything together (and if you’re feeling extra creative) consider healthy, edible centerpieces like the Turkey Vegetable Tray above.

    And with that, we leave you with this thought.


    Thanksgiving Day is a Jewel

  • Just For the Health of It, Give the Gift of Univera!

    As the year comes to a close, the tradition of gift giving is meaningful to many of us – no matter what holiday we celebrate. So, why not share the additional gift of health and well-being to your wrapped packages this year?

    Univera’s full line of Live Young products are ideal for giving simply on their own, elaborately as a full basket, and anything in between. Do you have someone who needs a nutrition boost? Or a little PURE-sonal pampering? How about a fitness lover? Maybe a family or couple that would enjoy some quality time at home? There are even ideas for the dog (or dog-lover) in your life.

    With a little creativity and a lot of love, you can spread good cheer and better health at the same time.


    PURE-sonal Care Gift Basket

    Spa Worthy:

    Give the gift of relaxation and self-care, because everyone deserves a little “me” time in this hectic world. With W389™ and Hilltop Gardens®, there are many ways to personalize a spa basket for everyone in your life – women and men, young and young-at-heart.

    Start with your favorite personal care products such as our convenient and cost-saving W389 and Hilltop Gardens Holiday Bundles!

    Now add the touches to make it personal with some accessories to enhance their spa experience. The great thing is all of these work for anyone. Just choose an option that suits your recipient – masculine or feminine, trendy or classic:

    • Loofah or bath poof
    • High quality washcloth and towel
    • Bath pillow
    • Candle
    • Book
    • Herbal tea
    • Relaxing music
    • Manicure kit
    • bathrobe
    • Gift certificates: massage, manicure, pedicure
    • For that special someone, you could even throw in personal coupons for a back or foot rub.


    Fill The Gaps Nutrition Gift Basket

    Fill the Gaps Nutrition:

    Do you know someone who is trying to eat better and nourish their body? Give them a healthy boost with a holiday bundle that includes key nutrients. Univera’s Nutrition Bundle includes km, MetaGreens, and MegaVitamins to help where diet sometimes misses.

    Add those to a useful fruit basket or a lovely salad bowl and fill in the spaces with some yummy fun such as:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Food prep kitchen accessories
    • A healthy foods cookbook
    • Subscription to a local produce delivery service
    • Gift card to a local food coop, farmer’s market, or healthy grocery store


    Fitness Lovers Gift Basket

    Fitness Lovers:

    Do you know someone who wouldn’t think of missing their gym workout? Or someone who has talked about making activity more a part of their daily life? Try to pick products that focus on energy, recovery, and comfort. For instance, the gift bag above includes:

    To kick it up a notch, add some fitness tools or other relevant products:

    • Univera Pedometer to monitor success
    • Fitness accessories like hand weights or bands or a more activity-specific item
    • A workout DVD or a gift certificate for a class
    • A journal to track progress
    • Also, RegeniCARE® and RegeniFREE® are useful for joint comfort*.

    If the above suggestions seem like a lot, don’t feel like you have to include everything. You know your loved one best.


    Quality Time Gift Basket

    Quality Time:

    What’s better than a cozy night in when it’s chilly out? A movie night doesn’t have to be full of sugary treats. This basket has just the right balance of savory and sweet indulgence and is full of healthier options.

    • Who needs candy when you have our Ultra Protein™ Chocolate Soy Snacks? Each crunchy bite will satisfy any movie watcher and the added protein prevents mindless over-noshing.
    • A Berry-Mango Spritzer is the perfect replacement for sugary soft drinks. Just drop in a note to mix MetaBerry®Aloe Select® Mango & sparkling water for zesty refreshment.
    • And for a twist on traditional popcorn, give a canister of MetaGreens®. It’s easy to sprinkle some on top for a savory touch. Plus, the extra phytonutrients are awesome!
    • Don’t forget the entertainment with a DVD/Blu-Ray or a gift card.

    Personalize for non-movie buffs:


    Man’s Best FriendMan's Best Friend Christmas Gifts

    • Create some holiday cheer for your furry friend (and his human) with a new dog food bowl – set a jar of Joint Health for Pets inside, add some treats and a small toy, and you’re set.
    • Give your favorite dog and his owner the gift of an active life. Wrap up a leash and a ball to throw. Add some Joint Health for Pets for Fido and RegeniCARE for his human for joint comfort after those long walks.
  • The Gift of Simple Sentiments

    Sometimes the simplest sentiments are the most powerful.

    • Are you looking for a healthy surprise for that work gift exchange or your neighbor?
    • Do you need a special appreciation gift? Maybe for a teacher, your newspaper delivery person, or hair stylist?
    • Or maybe you want to add a little extra joy for someone you love?

    We have some ideas for you!

    With Univera’s Holiday Gift Bundles, it’s easy to have a healthy, meaningful gift for everyone on your list – and even a few for “emergency” gift giving!

    With our Simple Sentiments bundle, consider these thoughtful ideas:

    • Place a couple packets of PQ Diet™ Cocoa Drink in a festive mug. Add some cinammon sticks or sugar-free candy canes for a boost of fun!
    • Treat the children in your life with a few Essentials™ MINIs for a berry boost of nutrition to get them through the holidays. The 3.3 oz bottles are great for stocking stuffers or just add some ribbon and hand them out at your celebration!
    • Use the Aloe in the Raw for a stocking stuffer or hostess gift! It’s a staple every home can use!

    Simple Sentiments


    For the gift of healthy skin in a convenient size, try our W389 Trial Packs bundle. Who doesn’t have three people on their list who could benefit from health skin care.

    It’s easy to create a mini-basket with the W389 trial pack and one or two accessories such as a loofah or bath poof, a candle, some herbal tea, or an inspirational book..

    Need More Ideas?

  • MetaGreens Halloween Popcorn

    Make It a Healthy Halloween

    MetaGreens Halloween PopcornHalloween doesn’t have to be a sugar-packed extravaganza – there are so many healthy options out there. So, to get you started on your healthy Halloween planning we’ve gathered some for you. Check out our Pinterest board for a full selection, but here are some favorites we think you’ll like.

    MetaGreens® Monster Popcorn: This one is our favorite because it’s made with super healthy MetaGreens and is so easy it’s scary (see what I did there?) Just air pop a batch of popcorn, add any butter or oil you desire, and sprinkle MetaGreens to taste. Toss it a little to spread the green health and you’re ready to go. You could fill this popcorn with even more flavor by adding some garlic powder, some cayenne pepper or hot sauce, or a light coating of parmesan.

     Skull Veggie Platter

    Don’t Forget the Veggies: Vegetable and dip trays are a party staple, but you don’t need to put out a boring round platter. Add a festive and spooky flair with these ideas:

    Halloween Fruit Dip and Spooky Snacks

    Sweets Without the Sugar: Candy isn’t the only way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Be inspired by these fruit ideas.

    Apple-Cinnamon Water

    Drink to Your Health: Instead of the usual sugary punches, consider these autumn inspired options.

    Do you have a favorite healthy Halloween recipe? We’d love to hear about it!

  • I am a Dog Lover. #IAmUnivera

    I have been giving my 11 yr. old Maltese Joint Health for Pets for about 6 years. When I started her on it she had lost her lustre, energy and playfulness, and she was only 5 years old. I thought I was doing everything right for her that I would do for myself. She eats a balanced raw food diet with greens, veggies and organic meats, and drinks purified water. She also had a problem with scratching all the time, which concerned me that she would have joint and hip problems later in life that would make her uncomfortable.

    109130_Joint_Health_For_Pets-smThat’s when I chose to add Joint Health for Pets. I’d do it for myself, why not her? Within a couple weeks her puppy energy came back, was playing like a wild little champ and regained her quirky personality. Her doctors and groomers have always commented on how healthy she is is and how soft and clean her coat is compared to other Maltese they see. I am confident my little angel is doing so well because of Univera.